Business Mentorship

6 month 1:1 biz coaching

Business Mentorship


without the fluff

you need expert eyes on your biz

You don't need another course.

these are your current feels:

You have a program that works (obvs you’re making $5k per month) but you’re stuck when it comes to systems and building AROUND your main offer so you can scale to $7-10k months.

Generally speaking - you work for your biz, rather than your biz working for you.

You feel behind, like you’re better than what you have show for your coaching biz. You're working harder than the money you have to show for it.

You know your biz is made for more but you’re at a loss of HOW to reach that next level. To sell out 1:1 coaching and fill waitlists for everything.

You don’t need another course. You need someone’s eyeballs ON your biz.

Sound familiar?

You've proven you can build a sustainable income, but need that next level

I started my first business, Fitdesignbyannie turned Annie Miller Concepts, five years ago. I had changed career paths from college strength coach to..."undecided but knew the idea of working in a gym on someone else's watch with people I didn't get to choose, sounded like a literal Hell to me" kind of state.

So in 2015 I got my business license and had 0% clue what in the good Lord's name I was doing.

Five years later, I have a multiple six figure business (over six figures from the fitness side), and I've learned a thing or two.

I'm Annie Miller

i know, because i was you.

                  is precisely why I am so passionate about helping women in the health and fitness industry who have an embryonic online biz (1-3 years in), but they are crippled by the HOW. I'm here to help you get clear AF so that you can reach your next level. 

My 1:1 Biz Mentorship is the cream of the crop. Straight up, this is not cheap. Because every road map, piece of my business and coaching experience, resources and my support is available to YOU, for the next year.


it you?

You are at your ceiling - you know what you're doing is TIME intensive and unsustainable if you want to GROW and SCALE (via memberships, hiring assistant coach or VA, building a course).

You want systems in place that allow it to feel like your biz is working for YOU, not the other way around.

You want offers you can confidently market without feeling like you’re convincing someone to work with you.

You want to go to sleep knowing what the next 3-6 months and beyond hold for you and your business because you have strategic maps for launching, up-selling, down-selling, and cross-marketing your offers (which you’re confident AF in).



You deserve to have a biz that fits YOUR LIFE (newsflash…you’re head woman in charge in here) + serves the humans you desire to work with, and properly compensates you for your expertise and life changing offers.

the phases of business

where you are in these phases can help determine if my 1:1 biz mentorship is right for you

yes? am I right?!

Your offer(s)
- Refining, streamlining and aligning.
- Building your offer pyramid (supporting offers) from your main ticket offer. YAY passive income!

Launching & Marketing (selling)
- Encompasses copywriting for connection and sales.
- Audit current messaging.
- Reshape message to attract + KEEP your ideal clients.
- Create launch map that works for YOU.

- Create systems that make for a seamless back end.
- Create passive income streams.
- Outsource where needed.

biz mentorship is for you if your current struggles may be:

Making at least $5k/mo - 1:1 is NOT for beginners. You have skin in the game. OORRRRRR

You’re certainly willing to apply if you make less than this but it is a 4 figure monthly/in full investment.

Want to either scale or build a membership/other supporting offers (your offer pyramid).

Want to audit current offer(s), raise prices, or maximize profits from your offer(s).

You’ve taken a courses, maybe worked with a 1:1 coach in the early stages of biz, but you need to break out of that embryonic stage. You know you have more than a side hustle here and you are ready to behave like a CEO.

You’re looking to scale via hiring a VA, assistant coach, or multiple team members.

if that's you, kindly proceed

How it works

This is not a course. We base our agenda on your initial application + assessment & progress being made week to week.

12 month commitment (with an 11 week break from calls for my maternity leave - bebe Miller coming Nov 2022)

Weekly voxer app communication - text and voice memo - verbal process your heart away right into my ear.

60 min Bi-monthly zoom calls (every two weeks) - addressing whatever you and your business need. Strategy, mindset, launch planning, social media growth, copy-write messaging etc.

60 min Monthly group calls - discuss topics that you all benefit from based on where you're all at.

what's included

This is a high touch, high energy, high productivity program. That means it is my priority to protect both of our time and energy. You'll learn all about the importance of boundaries in your biz and life simply through experiencing this mentorship. Of that I am sure.

I only take on a limited number of women at one time

remember there is no curriculum. everything you see below is based on your personal + business needs.

NEW: Bonus client portal with consolidated resources from my signature courses, FitsPRO Foundations and Instagram 101. Only what would apply to those further along in business.

I don't know that I would have had a business if I hadn't have done this mentorship over the last year. I was only $3,000 away from hitting what I thought was an absolute stretch revenue goal for me for the first half of 2021. I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have more space and less stress in my business with more clients and more income to show for it. Working with Annie 1:1 has allowed me to create the process and work through issues in my business to keep me moving forward in a way that serves myself and my clients. I know what I need to do and when to do it. I have a plan for the future of my business and know exactly what steps I needs to take in order to reach my goals without sacrificing myself in the process.

- Casey

 I've almost DOUBLED my income from 2020 as a whole within the first 6 months of 2021. Crazy. If I hadn't invested in this mentorship, I'd probs feel a lot more lost and "flowndery." I feel like I have much more clarity and direction and systems than I ever would have on my own. I definitely feel more confident in sales. I feel much more relaxed/less pressure to close sales calls. Having more clients and more consistent leads lends itself to not feeling that "scarcity" like I NEED to sign this client.

- Lizzie

Please only apply if you are like, really-legit ready to step into your next level and do the work

Let's do this. But also, let's not waste time

*Applying does NOT guarantee a spot. If we're a good fit, and I believe I can help you, then it's on like donkey kong.*

- note -

join waitlist

one time payment


12 monthly payments

payment options will be:

$712.00 / mo

2 payments

$4,272.00 / 6 mo

All payments are the same total. 12 and 2x payment options are already pro-rated for maternity leave.

Charged in July 2022 + Jan 2023