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Business Mentorship

[8 or 12 week tracks]

Business Mentorship

coming soon

[8 or 12 week tracks]

Entrepreneur-ing is hard. 

I am here to help you regain confidence + clarity in what it is you were meant to do

I started my first business, Fitdesignbyannie turned Annie Miller Concepts, four years ago. I had changed career paths from college strength coach to..."undecided but knew I wanted to make an impact and the idea of working in a gym on someone else's watch with people I didn't get to choose sounded like a literal Hell to me" kind of state.

So in 2015 I got my business license and had 0% clue what in the good Lord's name I was doing.

I'm Annie Miller

hey there

                  is precisely why I am so passionate about helping women in the health and fitness industry who have an embryonic online biz/side hustle (1-3 years in), but they are crippled by the HOW. I'm here to help you get clear AF so that you can have the impact you are so passionate about. 

My 1:1 Biz Mentorship is the cream of the crop. Straight up, this is not cheap. Because every road map, piece of my business and coaching experience, resources and my support is available to YOU. And I am glad to share because I believe you're the only you, and your authority + authenticity is needed in this industry. If we're a good fit, I'll help you hone in on that and bring it into the light so you can increase your impact + income.


How it works

Upon applying we determine in your FREE consultation call whether you need the 8 or 12 week track to get s*** done.

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*Filling out the application does NOT garauntee a call. If we're a good fit, and I believe I can help you, then it's on like donkey kong.*

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coming soon

Biz Mentorship

once you apply, you'll be contacted to schedule a call if I think i can help you help yourself.