without paying for a full time coach

Learn to correct your main lifts via video analysis 

big lift audit

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Learn to correct your main lifts via video analysis 

without paying for a full time coach

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I believe

knowledge is power.
Your training is no exception to that truth.

you can

Take the guess work out of videoing & looking at your lifts.


be the girl that videos herself in the gym but also knows her shit.

(re)build your front & back squats, sumo & conventional deadlits, bench press & overhead press


this you?

Feeling like you “should” know what’s going on in your lift, but not being able to figure it out. Perhaps you’ll discover your squat stance is too narrow, or your t-spine is your limiting factor in bench press.

Not sure how to actually VIDEO a lift - what’s the best angle? No shame here.

Not knowing what to look for once you do take the video - learn what’s going on (or should be going on) from the ground up.

Or knowing what to look for but not how to address the issue once you find it - and how to fix it once you find the gap.

Feeling like you’re going through the motions during your lift and looking for a way to improve training without changing your program or coaching completely.

You want to better help your clients with their lifts and need some ideas on how to implement appropriate exercises after finding a movement discrepancy - great we know your chest caves on front squats…now what?

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i for sure feel this way...

if you're not sure, this might solidify it...

is perfect for

the big lift audit

The coach, ex-crossfitter, athlete, or student of the body who wants to hone in on their big lifts, but doesn’t need a full time coach (perhaps you have one or are one yourself). They are genuinely interested in the human body and just kind of a...dare I say, gym-rat-nerd of sorts. #science


Set up from the angles shows in the BLA, follow the suggested form for the given lift, press record and BE THAT GIRL.

take the video

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Your video angle needs to be as suggested so you can best find your mistakes.


Follow the BLA PDF so you know WHAT EXACTLY you're looking for - from set up, to bracing, to the bar path and more.

find energy leaks & mistakes

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then you'll identify which mistakes you're making in which portions of the movement.


apply corrections & cueing

Based on your mistake, simply follow the "corrections" video tutorials and suggested implementations for the given mistake.

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maybe you see an elbow flare on bench press. then you'll use the listed corrections and cueing for "elbow flare" on bench press.



you know you wanna...

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153 page PDF

Video set up for each lift (front & back squat, sumo & conventional deeds, bench press & overhead press)

Image breakdown of do’s and don’t’s for each part of a lift so you know what to look for, visualize and feel - (foot position, bar path, posture, grips, shin angles, joint angles, muscle engagement etc).

Common mistakes for each lift video demonstrations for every mistake.

Assessments for needed mistakes to determine proper corrective action

Corrections and exercise prescription for each mistake - including video tutorials.

Proper cueing for each mistake so you know what to focus on in your own training and/or try with your clients.

Video demo’s on how to brace, how to pack the shoulder, and proper foot contact depending on the lift.

you can

Bring a new level of focus and purpose to your videoing experience so that you feel confident in videoing yourself no matter where you are.

Find your own energy leaks and mistakes so that you can improve your lifts and make the needed corrections.

Learn what to think about during a lift based on your needs so that you can seal those energy leaks.

Minimize your blind spots by knowing what to look for specifically when videoing yourself.

Increase body awareness through using cues specific to your needs.

Enjoy a new found ownership of your training and time in the gym through taking on a few of the puzzle pieces yourself.

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Get to auditing your lifts

how it works

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shall we?

Find and fix energy leaks and movement discrepancies for less than $4 per lift.

Gain the feedback of a coach without paying for one full time.

You know your body better than anyone. It’s time you started taking advantage of that.

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I'm Annie
(the O.G. FitsPRO)

let's do this

I've been a fitness professional in the entrepreneurial space for almost five years now. And let me tell you it has been a JOURNEY. I've done some things right, and probably more wrong. The mistakes and missing links in my biz led to a complete rebuild of my foundation in 2018. I've streamlined my remote strength training coaching while maintaining my authenticity and authority in the online space. And this is why I can now help you, help yourself to become FitsPRO this industry needs [and you were meant to be].

I know the struggle of building an online biz from the bottom up with no short cuts.  I. GET. YOU. And I'm here to serve you.

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