Create the authentic + authoritative online fitness business you were meant to build.

Build [or rebuild] your online fitness biz in six weeks without sales calls or hating the process

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I believe

The freedom you're looking for can be yours (buying the good bacon, taking the day off, not using sales calls).

You're not a normal fitspo

you want to do this whole online health and fitness thing differently.
where authority meets authenticity.

you're riding this struggle bus

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You feel behind or out of place on social media
- You’re not willing to sell their soul to the popular kids on the gram to be “successful.”

You stay stuck, or go in circles because you aren’t clear on what to do next - what TRULY needs to happen.

You Lack confidence in your offer(s), which leads to low sales, and content that misses with your ideal clients.

You get paralyzed by the HOW when it comes to back end operations (or even knowing what the heck you need FOR the back end!)

For the love of all things holy, you know you NEED an ideal client but are so lost on HOW to actually define + attract them, let alone make them paying clients.

Psst. I used to be the driver. If you're here, don't worry, you're not alone and it doesn't need to be a perma-struggle.

even 70% chance you're on that struggle bus?

You KNOW the fitness, but desperately NEED the crash course in business.

Hi, hello. It me.
I was you.

I am not your average fitspo, and I don't think you are either. I am the fitsPRO, a professional strength coach meets entrepreneur. After changing course from college strength and performance coach to personal training, I found my calling in the online world of health and fitness. Education and authenticity are at the center of Annie Miller Concepts [two things I saw a shortage of in the online space]. I built my business largely through instagram [my most beloved social media platform]. Using tactics I teach here, I've taken my online training business from 2k to 5k to 10k months in less than one year (2018-2019) through 1:1, Built By Annie and supporting offers.

So, here I am, passing those tactics and strategies to YOU. I don't think there is ONE WAY to success, ONE WAY to do fitness, or ONE WAY to run a business. My aim is to share my four years of fitsPRO experience [good and bad] so that you can expedite your business starting or growing process. Through FitsPRO Foundations, Power Hours, and Instagram 101 I provide the structure you need to find your OWN style, niche, impact and success. Because you should always do you boo.

[the OG FitsPRO]

the name's Annie

The freedom is yours inside


You can feel in alignment - like your business is a kind friend to you.

You can make empowered decisions about your business/brand without hesitation because you’re CLEAR AF on your mission and what’s ESSENTIAL.

You can give zero shits about detracting people who are NOT your people. Because you’re so focused on your nice and developing your expert presence.

You can confidently create content that not only attracts your dream client, but leads to PAYING CUSTOMERS.

You can have back end systems that are simple + make life easier for you, and your customers.

You can have a biz that feels authentic AND powerful.

You can unapologetically charge what your service is worth.

You can do sales calls or never speak to a client on the phone.

But you just need a trusted process in order to get yourself there.


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Okie sis, your program, Fitspro Foundations is ahhmazing!

I had no clue how or where to start with an online coaching platform/business and you helped make it so clear! 

You are professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and make this confusing process fun!
The fact that you offer zoom calls made a world of difference and you helped us with our vision and streamline what we have to offer. 

Thank you for building this program, for working with me, and being patient and a true guiding light. 

- Nicole

Do you feel like Nicole did?

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good news

you belong here

The modules and workbooks inside build on one another.
[literally like building the foundation of house]. The house is your biz. Your biz is the house. We're building you a solid foundation for your empire].

Welcome message, My Story
Facebook Group
How to not #FAIL this course
Table of Contents
Podcasts + Resources

Before You Begin

Make sure you're a legitimate business
You're The Only You
Brand Values + Personality
Ideal Client Avatar
Your Biz One-Liner

Module 1

Your Life Changing Offer
How to Charge the Perfect Price
Your Ideal Client Lifespan
Final Offer Breakdown
Supporting offers & Pyramids

Module 3

Platform Choice + Content
Content Curator [5 step process]
Your Social Media Code of Conduct

Module 2


Module 4

Practice of Essentialism [not perfection]
Batching Like a Boss


Module 5

What YOU Need To Start Your Online Biz
Online Biz Resources [web hosting, email, payments etc]
BRANDING Style Guide + Canva Template
Sales Page Blueprint

Module 6

Automate & Systems for Your Offer
Automate Everything
4 Automation Video Tutorials 


Your imposter syndrome antidote

Launching 101 - Launch Your Offer [and more]

3 Live group coaching calls during the six weeks

The knowledge vault

define you, your brand + who you serve

your life changing offer

your expert online presence

master your schedule

automation & streamlining

The modules and workbooks inside build on one another.
[literally like building the foundation of house. The house is your biz. Your biz is the house. We're building you a solid foundation for your empire].

Websites & branding

I walk you through

No matter if you're a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, I got you. With each workbook you have a video teaching from me. Skip it if you like, or watch and listen on repeat.

every. single. workbook.

We will aggressively define:

(your business depends on it’s CEO - let’s learn about YOU first, then build a biz that serves + aligns with YOU).

(get specific AF, who she/he is, what they need).

(create a foolproof, life changing offer + win, win pricing).

(you’ve GOT to learn how to optimize your time/energy. We do that here).

(we’re building an online business here - let’s get you set up with ONLY what YOUR biz requires [landing page, website, payment portals, emails, platforms etc).

(automation IS the freedom that online provides. Let’s put systems in place that free up more space for you, while still providing top level service to your clients).

Glad you asked. NERP. While the FitsPRO Foundations is a “self guided” course and you are welcome to take your time, you do gain access to the FitsPRO Foundations Facebook group.

Ask questions, seek support, share wins and “aha moments.” Take part in 3 Live Group Coaching Calls with me (the OG FitsPRO).

For now, these are Q&A only - just to answer questions, and see how all y'all are doing. The scheduled live calls will be discontinued in 2021. But the facebook group and general live calls will still take place.

facebook group + zoom calls

but am I alone in this course?


free bonus

1 hour expert interviews

Paige Major: Branding Photographer & Strategist

Learn first hand from my personal brand photographer. Paige has over 12 years of experience as a business owner and specializes in elevating brands via their visual messaging. From your website, to social media to creating PDF's you'll learn how to create a brand that resonates with you and attracts your ideal client wether hiring a photographer or doing it all yourself.

Rachel Turner: business & leadership mentor

Learn to use words in a way that connect with your ideal client, make them feel seen and served, and make you feel authentic and free. This interview is all things ideal clients, positioning yourself in the online space, instagram captions, emails, sales pages and more.

Sam Vander Wielen: Law Attorney turned Entrepreneur

Learn the steps needed to set up your biz in a legally sound manner. From deciding to be a sole prop or LLC, to contracts vs. terms and conditions, to what you need to have on your website, emails, downloads and more, Sam breaks it all down in a simple, digestible way. I learned a ton from her, and you will too.

chloe elise: millennial money coach & expert

Learn ALL THINGS MONEY from the queen herself. Chloe is an expert in negotiating, gaining confidence around money, and advocates for her clients to optimize their finances instead of sacrificing the things they love. Money is a struggle for most humans, let alone BUSINESS OWNERS. Use these practical tactics to optimize your finances, plan for your future, and cultivate an empowering money mindset.

tatum brandt: Branding & web designer

Love my branding? We can all thank Tatum for that. She works specifically with health and fitness professionals in the online space (IT YOU). Tatum walks us through what matters when choosing brand colors, how to choose your website platform + how to set up a sales page that works for you. This is about so much more than a pretty brand. It's about standing out in a saturated industry and using strategy to do so.

there's more

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$397 value

Setting up your account and bio, and grid for success, defining your ideal client, and getting them on your list.

Module 1

1 hour photo editing tutorial in three different apps + workbook for you to brand your IG. Attract your ideal client + create a recognizable brand.

Module 2

How to START owning your stories + my 8 Step Process for closing sales in IG stories.

Module 5

Engagement tactics, metrics and weekly checklist + schedule for growing your instagram following + engagement. Show up just enough to be the expert + be sane.

Module 3

photo editing & guide

ig stories that connect + sell

engagement + weekly schedule

ig basics for fitspros

Your abundant approach to instagram, defining what it looks like to: have realistic expectations, commit, nurture your people and show up as a servant + expert on instagram.


expectations + mindset

Create purpose driven content that attracts your ideal client + keeps them coming back. Includes content copy & canva templates.

Module 4

IG Content creation Rule Book


instagram 101

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okay, I def need this in muh life

Cultivate an abundant mindset around instagram. You're in control, and this can be fun.

Create a profile that is clear, concise and get's people to clink your link!

Build a cohesive feed that grab's people's attention + get's them to hit that follow button.

Learn my method for making tens of thousands through instagram stories alone (you can too).

Learn how to increase engagement and reach through my checklist.

Build consistency & flow by following my weekly instagram schedule. No mindless scrolling, just strategy.

Learn which metrics matter and which one's don't + how to encourage their growth. (hint: followers and likes are at the bottom).

the ig 101 process to sucCess

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Going fully online, return on investment, clarity, filled rosters and waitlists, sales pages that actually sell, ALL without sacrificing your authenticity. 

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are you in?!



Going fully online, return on investment, clarity, filled rosters and waitlists, sales pages that actually sell, ALL without sacrificing your authenticity. 

Who bet on themselves with sweaty palms and their stomach in their butthole [just like you]

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Create the authentic + authoritative online fitness business you've been dreaming of.

Build [or rebuild] your online fitness biz in six weeks without HESITATION & DOUBT


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work? What will I learn?

In six weeks we will lay the foundation of your biz by tackling your ideal client, defining you and your brand values, your life changing offer, your pricing and goals, your expert online presence. You'll become a master of your schedule and prioritizing, get what you REALLY to run your biz all set up, and make your automation map for your offer + more. All of that through a few videos and 20 easy to use workbooks. 

Can I take this course while working full time?

Yes. Will it be easy? No. But you've got to hustle in the beginning. You'll have to build your biz SOMEHOW, at some point right? The time will NEVER be perfect. So if you want it, make it happen.

Can I make payments?

Payment plans are always changing. As of now, no payment plans exist for this course.

Is this group coaching or 1:1?

This is a "self guided course" but there will be calls in the facebook group for internet face to internet face contact. You also have video trainings from me for each workbook inside the course. :)

Will I make back my investment?

This is all based on implementation. I don't promise 10k months in 90 days. That's not what FitsPRO Foundations is about. But read the reviews boo. Common results include selling out 1:1 coaching rosters, putting people on waitlists and making back the investment within a few months.

How long is the course? Is there a deadline or time constraint?

You gain access to a new module each week for six weeks. But you can take as long as you like (as long as the course still exists). I've had people finish in six weeks, and people who are still active from the first round. You do YOU. You cannot move ahead however until you're granted access to the next module.

Is there a focus on building your biz on instagram or social media?

You'll have an entire module dedicated to this. Creating content, market research and what type of content you need to create to attract your ICA + make the sale down the road. You can also bundle my Instagram 101 Course for even more IG specificity.

ooops, just looking for instagram 101?

ooops, just looking for instagram 101?