without a large following or butt selfies

Level up your Insta-game and create stories that sell.


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level up your insta-game & create stories that sell

without a large following or butt selfies

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is perfect for

instagram 101

Entrepreneurs looking to use instagram strategically - in an authoritative + authentic manner to build their brand and  income through the platform.

But let me guess

you love instagram, but generally feel like this when you have to create content or show up in your stories on a consistent basis...


but you want to feel like

If I am right, this likely rings true with you too.

Feel like instagram is a waste of time [even though you know it's not].

Are overwhelmed with content creation so you lack consistency and confidence in your feed.

Feel like you’re talking to crickets, so you hold back with posting and showing up in your stories.

Are paralyzed by perfectionism - wanting photos to look perfect but not knowing how to achieve it.

Low key have a fear of rejection or judgement when it comes to showing up in your stories, let alone SELLING in them.

Feel like people make it look so easy, and you're like WTF? That's discouraging, but I know I can do it!

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i for sure feel this way...

if you're not sure, this might solidify it...

trust me

you do not need a large following or exploitation of your body to build a successful business using instagram.
and the algorithm won't ruin your life.

what's inside?

Setting up your account and bio, and grid for success, defining your ideal client, and getting them on your list.

Module 1

1 hour photo editing tutorial in three different apps + workbook for you to brand your IG. Attract your ideal client + create a recognizable brand.

Module 2

How to START owning your stories + my 8 Step Process for closing sales in IG stories.

Module 5

Engagement tactics, metrics and weekly checklist + schedule for growing your instagram following + engagement. Show up just enough to be the expert + be sane.

Module 3

instagram 101


curating a cohesive feed

ig stories that connect + sell

engagement + weekly schedule

ig basics for fitspros

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Your abundant approach to instagram, defining what it looks like to: have realistic expectations, commit, nurture your people and show up as a servant + expert on instagram.


expectations + mindset

Create purpose driven content that attracts your ideal client + keeps them coming back.

Module 4

IG Content creation Rule Book

What you can  expect if you implement IG 101:

* How to approach Instagram with an abundance mindset.

* Set the stage for how you want to show up on the platform for yourself + your people.

* Feel less stress around instagram because you are clear on your purpose.

* Feel less attachment between your success and performance on the platform.

* Have a clear bio that attracts your ideal client + raises you up as an expert in the field.

* Create a cohesive feed that is visually appealing to your ideal client.

* Developing your brand "look" -  making your brand professional + recognizable.

* Identify your ideal client and what they need from YOU.

* Create content in categories that speak directly to your ideal client.

* Know what nurturing your audience actually looks like.

* Get clear on what sets you apart so you don't have to worry about competition.

* Know how to look at metrics, what metrics matter, and how to drive up engagement where you want It.

* IG story basics + how to sell via your stories.

* What showing up consistently on instagram looks like FOR YOU, your success, but also your sanity.

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Intro to IG 101
An Abundant Approach to Instagram

your mindset screws you more than the algorithm ever could...

we take a deep dive into abundance, commitment, expectations, servant based ig, loving the data, nurturing your audience and showing up as fully yourself.

Instagram Basics for FitsPROs

we'll follow a step by step process to get your account set up for success.

set up your account, profile, bio, messaging, your link, your top nine photos and what they should always include.

Instagram Basics

communicating who you serve + getting them on your email list

hone in on each section of your bio, making sure it speaks to your humans and is in alignment with your "help/only" statement

Photo Editing Guide and 1 hr Tutorial

we go beyond a "pretty/cohesive" feed.

Learn what it takes to have an instagram feed that gets your ideal client to stick around, interact and hit that follow button. make your brand recognizable

IG Content Creation Rule Book

Create purpose driven content that attracts your ideal client + keeps them coming back

define your post categories (emotional + tactical), what your content does, and types of content that fit your client's needs.

Instagram Stories that Connect + Sell

You cannot go from zero to hero in your stories and expect people to purchase from you, let alone trust you.

Learn what you should be posting in your stories on the regular + my eight step process to selling in your stories [that has made me tens of thousands from ig alone]

Metrics That Matter + Weekly Engagement & Checklist

leave your likes behind and focus on what actually matters to your brand.

Learn what metrics to pay attention to & drive traffic to + how to increase engagement overnight. track it all with your weekly engagement checklist.

the ig 101 process to sucess

Cultivate an abundant mindset around instagram. You're in control, and this can be fun.

Create a profile that is clear, concise and get's people to clink your link!

Build a cohesive feed that grab's people's attention + get's them to hit that follow button.

Learn my method for making tens of thousands through instagram stories alone (you can too).

Learn how to increase engagement and reach through my checklist.

Build consistency & flow by following my weekly instagram schedule. No mindless scrolling, just strategy.

Learn which metrics matter and which one's don't + how to encourage their growth. (hint: followers and likes are at the bottom).

okay, I def need this in muh life

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instagram 101

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plus get a full proof system for editing your photos, posting & interacting with your audience.

create content that connects to your ideal client, and stories that expedite know, like, and trust.

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all inside IG 101

I'm Annie
(the O.G. FitsPRO)

let's do this

I am not your average fitspo, and I don't think you are either. I am the fitsPRO, a professional strength coach meets entrepreneur. After changing course from college strength and performance coach to personal training, I found my calling in the online world of health and fitness. Education and authenticity are at the center of Annie Miller Concepts [two things I saw a shortage of in the online space]. I built my business largely through instagram [my most beloved social media platform]. Using tactics I teach here, I've taken my online training business from 2k to 5k to 10k months in less than one year (2018-2019) through 1:1, Built By Annie and supporting offers.

So, here I am, passing those tactics and strategies to YOU. I don't think there is ONE WAY to success, ONE WAY to do fitness, or ONE WAY to run a business. My aim is to share my four years of fitsPRO experience [good and bad] so that you can expedite your business starting or growing process. Through FitsPRO Foundations, Power Hours, and Instagram 101 I provide the structure you need to find your OWN style, niche, impact and success. Because you should always do you boo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in the fitness industry?

Nerp. So everything I create is with the fitsPRO's in mind, but this is really a course that can be applied to ANYONE who is looking to build a brand on instagram.

Can I expect to make money from this course?

If you apply EVERYTHING and have an OFFER that is irresistible to your ideal client, hell yeah glen coco. You will 100% increase engagement, clarity, direction, focus, joy, confidence, impact, and income via the gram.

is this a guided course?

You're on your own boo. You get it all at once, and you can move and apply at your own pace. BUT I do take you through a 37 minute video of the course :)

How long do I have access to the course?

FOR-EV-VER (did you read that like the Sandlot? Because you should have). You have access as long as the course exists my friend.

What if I haven't even started on Instagram yet?

Perf. This will be your guide to expedite your growth, clarity and income. Go you. This course does not require any level of prior success or status.

still here?

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