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Biz-Talk Power Hour

say goodbye to analysis paralysis and hello to clarity + action in 90 minutes.

Biz-Talk Power Hour

say goodbye to analysis paralysis and hello to clarity + action in 90 minutes.

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You have an online business in the health & fitness industry...

But you find yourself asking these questions,

this sound like you?

hey there

How do I do that? What should I be focusing on? what's worth my time?

I'm Annie Miller,

And I am here to help you regain confidence in what it is you were meant to do. Entrepreneur-ing is hard. Probably the hardest thing you'll do if you're in this for the long haul. My best ideas, clearest moments, and biggest action have all come after talking it out with mentors or fellow entrepreneurs.


           is why the Biz-Talk Power Hour exists. So I can answer ALL the questions, help you get specific AF, and prepared to TAKE ACTION in the next quarter with CLARITY and purpose.

Hey there!

what you get

- 90 minute Video Zoom Call
- 30 minute "get to know you session"
- 1 hour - POWER HOUR
- Recording of the call for later reference
- Receive a detailed google doc ACTION PLAN, following our call.
- Access to any workbooks or resources I believe would benefit you.

The point of a power hour, no matter the main topic(s) covered is CLARITY + ACTION. There is no excuse after this call. You have a step by step process to follow, delivered to you on a gold platter.

Further clarity + messaging for you Ideal client.

Back end systems - the logistics of websites, mailing lists, payment portals and more

Offer development [what is your offer? the problem it solves? how will it be delivered? pricing, when will you launch?]

Launch mapping [detailed launch plans + tracking your #'s]

Offer alignment - how can we build your product pyramid in a way that is automated, serves the most clients and decreases missed profit opportunities for you.

Action plans for transitioning completely online from a current hybrid set up.

Instagram strategy - get clear on branding, messaging, and positioning yourself on social media.

common results, but not limited to:

Common topics covered

What can happen in 90 minutes?

Having that check list laid out is exactly what I needed.
I launched my October subscription the day after our call and holy cow it went 10x more smoothly than my previous launches just by implementing a few of the items you suggested that I had time to do in 24 hours.  It was worth every penny just to talk to someone who "gets it" . I felt more empowered to move forward in my business and more clarity than I've had since starting this journey. 
Thank you so much for all you do ! 

- Jessica P


Just wanted to let you know that I recently finished the launch for my new program New Mom to Mighty Strong - I finished with almost 40 sign ups and over 3500 in sales. That's 4x the amount from 2020. I followed my launch map and was thankful that I had a plan to follow to get me to my goal. I learned a lot about my clients and will do even better on the next one. So thank you.


I was feeling a bit overwhelmed before our call and wanted her take on how I could streamline my offerings, services, and launches without feeling like I was constantly bombarding people with a sale....or creating more work for myself. She didn't TELL me what I should do. She didn't tell me what SHE would do. Instead, she asked me a lot of questions that really helped me to answer my own questions, if that makes sense?! She emailed me a very detailed action plan to follow from now (Oct 2019) through 2020 that I feel really, really good about implementing. It was 100% worth the investment FOR SURE. 

- natalie

Signing up for Annie's Power Hour was the best thing I could have done as an aspiring entrepreneur! With so many ideas and unknowns floating around in my head, Annie listened to my brain dump and completely distilled it down to get me on a focused track, and provided even more excellent resources after our extensive video conversation so I know exactly what to do and in what order. Bonus: she's a joy to talk to—so down-to-earth and relatable. Even if you're not a fitspro (like myself), I recommend filling out an application to see if you and Annie would be a good fit. I'm SO glad I did!

You rock. The action plan you sent me is a life. saver.


Annie is freaking awesome! I've been trying to learn how to make my business work for awhile from other resources. So even though many of the topics covered may not have been "new" to me, Annie presented them in a way that just made it click. She made the information digestible and gave true actionable steps that I could follow. The strategy call was gold. The clarity alone was worth it, but I was also able to triple my investment in my first launch - all being able to do business the way that works for me and my family life. 

- Sarah

It was like chatting with a friend. So, Annie, girl, if you're ever in North Carolina, say hey. I know a good gym... Anyway. Second, it was just SO GOOD to talk to someone who "gets it." I've dabbled in other business courses and free programs and whatever, but being a new fitness entrepreneur, it was SO HELPFUL to talk to someone in the same industry that had some of the same challenges when they got started. Annie helped me create my only statement and really hone in on the kind of clients I'm working to attract. I'd schedule another Power Hour with Annie in a heart beat. 


In an hour with Annie with, I took a business idea that seemed like a 180 switch, crazy and super scary and turned it into my brand new business platform and the direction I had always wanted to go in.

It was more than: “figure out who your client is and talk to her”. We created a launch plan, we talked about a variety of ways to reach that ideal client and a way to create traction, and get people on board.

I walked out of that conversation with a page-long to-do list AND an action plan to make it happen.


I learned so much but more importantly, I now have a plan to move forward with. I'm sure I'll have days where I feel overwhelmed again but hopefully they will be few and far between. I've already started compiling some ideas on my categories, changed my IG account to a business one and made my first post. I'm also making a file with IG post content for those days I can't seem to come up with a good idea. My next job is to get my avatar figured out and get a business license. I'm also going to change my IG handle to fit more of a coach's role rather then my current athlete handle.


Late last year (the good old days of 2019), I decided to "take action" and signed up with a business coach. I was super excited to finally start working on my business. While I did learn some great stuff (hello, copywriting!), the main sales techniques taught were sending cold DMs and sales calls to convince people that they need to work with you. I literally felt like throwing up every time I sent a DM and the idea of trying to talk someone into working with me made me feel really gross. My chat with Annie was an actual game changer. It made me see that I actually do know my shit and my ICA really well, I now feel clear in how to talk to my ICA, and more confident talking in my stories. The action plan she sent after is super helpful in keeping me on-track to create the business and life I want.


With only being 2 months into starting my business, I was lacking guidance on next steps. The Power Hour call with Annie gave me a clear path on what I should be working on to keep the momentum going. Together, we worked on identifying my ideal client and my help statement - 2 things I was struggling with alone. This Power Hour was extremely helpful and I would definitely do it again!


I left the conversation feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to get to work. The most paralyzing thing for me before chatting with you was understanding where to start...because it seemed like there were just too many open-ended pieces to my business, and it was quite honestly stringing me out and causing so much anxiety and stress. I absolutely LOVED the advice to focus within my zone of genius - and now, with this as the goal, the vision for what I need to create and focus on is so much clearer! 


I booked my Power Hour call with Annie, because I had so many questions regarding my ideal client, and content it was paralyzing. I was constantly going in circles trying to figure it out what to write, and how to properly launch my offer that I wondered if 90 minutes would be enough to solve my problems. But let me tell you IT WAS!
Content creation is no longer a stressful task, and launching my offer has never been easier. If you sitting on the fence, BOOK THE CALL, because it was the best decision I've made to take my business to the next level.

"My Power Hour with Annie was the EXACT support I needed with where I'm at in business. Annie was able to grasp the big picture vision and mission of what I'm working towards, and helped me clarify my messaging from my rambling thoughts into something concise. I felt like I entered the Power Hour with a messy idea of how to attract Ideal Clients, and Annie was unbelievable at being able to clarify their needs. It's like she took my rough draft and polished my vision into something marketable. Thank you, Annie! Would 1000% recommend."

- Lauren

What do you say?

shall we get you some much needed clarity + action?

5 power hour spots open each quarter

Q4 planning dates: Week of Sept 27

Please fill out the application below.

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When we get on this call, I need to know the specifics of what we plan to power through [so that you get the most out of our time together].

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Biz-Talk Power Hour