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Biz-Talk Power Hour

say goodbye to analysis paralysis and hello to clarity + action.

Biz-Talk Power Hour

say goodbye to analysis paralysis and hello to clarity + action.

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How do I do that? Where do I start? What should I be focusing on?

You have or are looking to start an online business in the health & fitness industry...

But you find yourself asking these questions,

this sound like you?

hey there

I'm Annie Miller,

And I am here to help you regain confidence in what it is you were meant to do. Entrepreneur-ing is hard. Probably the hardest thing you'll do if you're in this for the long haul. My best ideas, clearest moments, and biggest action have all come after talking it out with mentors or fellow entrepreneurs.


             is why the Biz-Talk Power Hour exists. So I can answer ALL the questions, help you get specific AF, and prepared to TAKE ACTION without wasting time.

What can happen in 90 minutes?

- Sarah

It was like chatting with a friend. So, Annie, girl, if you're ever in North Carolina, say hey. I know a good gym... Anyway. Second, it was just SO GOOD to talk to someone who "gets it." I've dabbled in other business courses and free programs and whatever, but being a new fitness entrepreneur, it was SO HELPFUL to talk to someone in the same industry that had some of the same challenges when they got started. Annie helped me create my only statement and really hone in on the kind of clients I'm working to attract. I'd schedule another Power Hour with Annie in a heart beat. 


In an hour with Annie with, I took a business idea that seemed like a 180 switch, crazy and super scary and turned it into my brand new business platform and the direction I had always wanted to go in.

It was more than: “figure out who your client is and talk to her”. We created a launch plan, we talked about a variety of ways to reach that ideal client and a way to create traction, and get people on board.

I walked out of that conversation with a page-long to-do list AND an action plan to make it happen.


Annie is freaking awesome! I've been trying to learn how to make my business work for awhile from other resources. So even though many of the topics covered may not have been "new" to me, Annie presented them in a way that just made it click. She made the information digestible and gave true actionable steps that I could follow. And the added strategy call was gold. The clarity alone was worth it, but I was also able to triple my investment in my first launch - all being able to do business the way that works for me and my family life. 


I was feeling a bit overwhelmed before our call and wanted her take on how I could streamline my offerings, services, and launches without feeling like I was constantly bombarding people with a sale....or creating more work for myself. She didn't TELL me what I should do. She didn't tell me what SHE would do. Instead, she asked me a lot of questions that really helped me to answer my own questions, if that makes sense?! She emailed me a very detailed action plan to follow from now (Oct 2019) through 2020 that I feel really, really good about implementing. It was 100% worth the investment FOR SURE. 

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How it works

1.5 total hours
30 minute "get to know you session"
1 hour - POWER HOUR


Biz-Talk Power Hour


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