Simple strength and hypertrophy concepts & principals applied with expertise.

Create fluid, repeatable, efficient programming without sacrificing client results

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Pure Programming Course
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Pure Programming Course
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"Words cannot even describe how much this course has helped me. I have been a CPT for 4 years and programming has always been debilitating to me. Annie created something that the fitness world was severely missing. Thank you!"

- Libby (CPT)

I believe

That a deeper understanding of anatomy, physiology and program design breeds confidence in your coaching practice.

You're not a "fitspo"

You're certified and/or have a degree in kinesiology, biomechanics, exercise and sport science or similar.

You provide or want to provide 1:1 and possibly group progressive templated programming, know the basics, understand the difference between strength and hypertrophy. You know what rest and tempo are, you have some level of confidence with your current programming abilities, but you're looking to solidify your understanding, be able to program long term, in a time efficient manner, and create structure to your programming that gets results for your clients. You want to explore different styles of strength training AND also know how to piece them all together. That part is a tad overwhelming.

You're a fitsPRO

"If I had better programming skills, I would be more confident in selling my service/program." Or, "I just want to be more fluid in my programming. It's clunky. I know the pieces, but have a hard time piecing them together to get repeatable results for my clients."

If yes, pure programming is for you

"I already feel much more confident in making my own programs and playing around with different splits and exercises. Before starting this course I was so worried I would "get it wrong" if my program wasn't perfect, but I already understand there are so many MORE ways to get it right!" - Alicia

Hi, hello. It me.

After graduating with my degree in Exercise and Sport science in 2013, becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist, changing course from college strength and performance coach to personal training, I found my calling in the world of online health and fitness.

Education and authenticity
are at the center of Annie Miller Concepts [two things I saw a shortage of in the online space]. I built my business through my 12 month programming offers: 1:1 remote training, and Built By Annie. As well as supporting offers focused on education and client efficacy: Movement 101 and the Big Lift Audit.

Now I find myself passing those tactics and strategies on to YOU. How to apply concepts and connect the dots for efficient and effective strength and hypertrophy programming. My aim is to share my 10+ years of education, experience and program design, so that you can do better for your clients, and yourself.

[the OG FitsPRO]

the name's Annie

Fluid programming systems await you inside

you can expect to

Understand basic to intermediate muscular anatomy and physiology as applied to strength and hypertrophy training.

Use evidence based assessment and programming methods to create a 3-12 month strength and hypertrophy program for 1:1 or group memberships.

Seamlessly progress one phase of programming to the next - connecting the dots between different concepts and approaches to strength.

Create a repeatable program design system that breeds client results (contingent on adherence).

Feel more fluid and efficient in your programming process.

You can program without questioning whether what's on paper will work in the gym.

You can feel confident selling your methods.

You can have a system and understanding of program principals that saves you time + provides results.

you just need an in depth
edu-ma-cation breakdown to get yourself there.


legit results from students >>


- teresa

At the start of the course I had a very basic understanding of programming. I had a hard time pairing exercises and easily confused myself. Now I feel more clear on how to pick exercises, pair them and what a proper set up of macro, meso and microcycles includes. 

I have definitely applied what I have learned to my programming for my brother (lol thought I'd try it out on him first), was able to create a 3 day full body split with a focus on bench since that is what he wants to work on and he said so far best month of workouts and has drastically improved strength, and power!

- erika: CF & nutrition coach

I feel so much more confident in programming! I know I am a good trainer. 

I just didn't know where to start. I have already applied the training splits brain gains. New client needed 2 days to get her program in, so we have a full body, upper body pull AND push in each day, plus core and mobility. She was SO excited when she saw her program.

- alicia

I already feel much more confident in making my own programs and playing around with different splits and exercises. Before starting this course I was so worried I would "get it wrong" if my program wasn't perfect, but I already understand there are so many MORE ways to get it right!

- fantina: pilates instructor

At the beginning I felt overwhelmed with all of the knowledge available about strength training. Now I feel more comfortable and sure about myself and that I will have the needed tools to be able to create efficiënt programs for my clients. 

- tharaniya: cpt w/ rehab focus

I have been able to apply rest periods and the reasoning behind it (which I hadn't added into my programming in the past). I was also able to send a message to my clients (along with their program) explaining why I chose a particular split in accordance with their schedule as well as particular exercises to suit their individual needs/goals (while including a balanced selection of push, pull, hinge, squat, carry variations)

- Kara Meinhardt

I LOVED learning about the different training methods and progressions, I realized there are so many trainers out there programming the most random crap!!! I feel 100% more confident now with my own programming and helping others!! So PUMPED to start applying what I learned! 

- Mallory Lindsley-Cicek

Absolutely LOVED every bit of the course. The deep dive into various methods was eye opening and really helped me see that there was more to a good program than just trying to hit as many muscles as you can in each workout. There is so much useful information to continue to learn and apply and I can't wait to provide better programming and results to my clients. I am more prepared now, than when I completed my CPT 3 years ago.

good news

you belong here

Now is your chance to invest in Pure PROgramming and take your program design to the next level.

How Pure PROgramming Works: Unlock a New Module as you go

Pure PROgramming is a 7 module course that is dripped out at a pace of one module per week over 13 weeks.

You will have ONGOING ACCESS to the modules for as long as the course exists.

Okay I need this like, yesterday


Fact might know some of this suff.

You may recognize or even used some of the concepts and information inside this course. But can you seamlessly apply them or combine them, progressing one to the next?



The modules and concepts inside build on one another.

20 workbooks/text material.

Video walkthroughs of course material.

All teachings are pre-recorded.  They drip out over the 13 weeks.

Quizzes are required at the end of each module.

Welcome message, My Story
Circle Community
How to not #FAIL this course
Table of Contents
Podcasts + Resources

intro + resources

Muscle fibers
Muscle hypertrophy & atrophy
Metabolic Pathways & Stress
Planes of Motion
Anatomy & Muscle Actions

module 1

Purpose of programming & our clientele
Assessments, Frequency, Exercise Selection, Sets & Reps, Intensity, Tempo, Progressive overload

module 3

“Body Part" Split
“Upper Lower” Split
“Push Pull” Split
“Full Body” Split
“DUP” - Daily Undulating Periodization

module 2

module 4

Fundamentals & Movement Patterns
Selection of Exercise Families & Variations
Order of Exercise selection
Bilateral vs Unilateral Exercise selection
Exercise pairings

module 5

Set, Rep & Rest Continuums
Linear vs DUP & WUP
Hypertrophy & Strength Methods
Amraps, drop sets, isometrics & reps to failure
Tempo and quarter or half reps

module 6

When and how you'd use the following:

Percent Effort
Rule of 2

module 7

building your program [repeatable 10 step process]

anatomy & physiology review

Program factor overview

frequency & training splits

exercise selection

loading methods

periodization & methods

finish your 7 modules and receive your pure Programming official certification

Create clear Macro, Meso, Micro cycles for up to 12 months using all the tools and applying the methods you've learned throughout the course. 

Time Commitment & Expectations

2-3 hours of course consumption and work/wk. Students report that the course takes 32-36 hours to complete over the 13 weeks (including creation of final program design)

While the Pure PROgramming is a “self guided” course and you are welcome to take your time, you do gain access to the Pure PROgramming Circle Community.

Ask questions, seek support, share wins and “aha moments.” Get the latest update notifications and more.

circle community

say hello to your community of educated gains

You'd like to feel confident in structure, planning and long term periodization. As well as learning some of the finer details - exercise pairing and progressing, using different styles and methods.

That's precisely what you'll get inside Pure PROgramming.

This you?


Pure PROgramming is a self paced course with 7 modules dripped out over 13 weeks, including 20 workbooks, plus a video to guide you through each module with ease! Modules cover:

1. Understanding muscle anatomy and physiology as applied to strength and hypertrophy

2. Overview of programming factors (assessments, frequency, training splits, exercise selection, tempo, progressive overload and more)

3. Choosing proper frequency (micro & macro) and training splits

4. Exercise selection (families, variations, order, pairings, unilateral vs bilateral etc)

5. Periodizations + strength and hypertrophy programming methods

6. Loading methods & options

7. Application of my 10 step process for 3-12 month program design

Never reference another exercise resource again. Over 350 exercises categorized by prime movers, action, plane of movement, open or closed chain, unilateral or bilateral. All videos linked.

Exercise Matrix Google Sheet [with videos] ($397 value)

Organize a year or more of program design from Macro, to Meso, to Micro cycles, all in one place.

AMC Google Sheet Master Programming Template ($297 value)

Course includes:

Frequently Asked Questions

can I join pure programming anytime?

At this time there are hard open and close dates for enrolling. It opens 3-4 times per year. If interested at all, join the waitlist. That's where you'll get the best deals and most pertinent information.

// Pure PROgramming Terms of Use //

are there ceus available for completing pure programming?

The goal is to become accredited by NASM, NSCA, and ACE in 2022 (NASM/AFAA and NSCA have been approved - see the CEU's above). The application and approval process is different per organization. Students and graduates will be kept up to date on the accreditation. And no promises but I'd love to back credit those who have completed the course if possible. If your cert allows non-associated courses to count for CEU's, please feel free.

Can I sign up and start at a later date?

Sure can! Pure PROgramming drips out over 13 weeks, while also being "self-paced." Meaning you can start at any time after enrolling, and complete the course as fast as 13 weeks, or take more time. 

when & how do I receive my certification?

In week 13 you will complete and submit your 3-12 month programming for review. Once approved by me, I will email your certification to you. Final program MUST BE SUBMITTED & APPROVED to receive certification.