Taught by Annie Miller, Ex Sci BS CSCS,
founder of Annie Miller Concepts LLC

3 Steps to Build Your Profitable Online Health & Fitness Business

Your Biz, Your Way:

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You’re sick of feeling overwhelmed with how to get your online fitness or health business off the ground, hoping that Googling answers on your own will somehow fill your inbox with new clients overnight, right?

No shame here. I get it. Because I was you. 
Hey. Hi. Hello. It doesn’t have to be this way.


Watch my free on-demand video workshop where I’ll share three (totally do-able) of the first steps you need to grow a LEGIT, profitable online health business so you can finally start filling your client roster with the RIGHT clients (without all the awkward sales calls or slimy-feeling cold DMs).

[and you don't have to sell your body to be a successful coach]

What we’ll cover in this on demand video workshop...

→ Identify and connect with your ideal client in a way that feels natural.

→ Create expert content that breeds an engaged + profitable audience that’s consistently excited to buy from you. (Yep, it’s possible!)

→ Develop a win-win offer that your ideal client can't resist.

Hi, hello.

I am not your average “fitspo”, and I don't think you are either. I am the fitsPRO, a professionally trained strength coach and entrepreneur. After changing course from college strength and performance coach to personal training, I found my calling in the online world of health and fitness. I built my business largely through Instagram, which helped me take my online training business from $2k to $5k to $10k months in less than one year (2018-2019) through my 1:1 program, Built By Annie, and supporting offers. 

My mission (yep, I’m getting real real and talking mission with you) is to pass those tactics and strategies to YOU so you can build a thriving, *fun*, and successful fitness business you love. I can’t wait to share my first three steps so you can stop spinning your wheels and start making progress on your business today!

[the OG FitsPRO]

I'm Annie Miller