health & fitness but not like a fitspo

Run your online coaching from a state of clarity & authenticity (aka joy)

I give you offers for the coaches who want a no fluff approach to the online health & fitness industry

what do you say?

We take tried and proven methods, break them down, and teach you to take those and apply them how you see fit for a given client or templated program (online or in person).
It's not secret. It's not new. It’s the basics, applied super freaking well. You’ll be able to take the knowledge you gain inside the course and apply it to your very own repeatable 3-12 month training program. In fact you’ll need to turn said program into me in order to receive your certificate.

Pure Programming

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13 week course & certification

We give your instagram a complete make-over. From setting up your account, to creating a cohesive + engaging feed, to connecting and selling in your stories. If you feel out of the loop and lost with instagram (or completely defeated by the algorithm), then you have come to the right place. Implementation is key, but you have ALL the tools you need to build a profitable brand on the gram inside Instagram 101.

Instagram 101

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Build [or rebuild] your online health and fitness biz without selling your soul to the belfie (butt selfie) gods. FitsPRO provides a path and CLARITY - Specific tasks to focus on in those early years of entrepreneurship. Lay a solid foundation from your brand values to ideal client, the perfect offer, to building your site and automating EVERYTHING possible. No more analysis paralysis. Only clarity & action for the long haul. It ain't easy, but a plan can make it easier.

fitspro foundations

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6 week online biz course

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Your Biz | Your Way
3 Steps to Build Your Profitable Online Health & Fitness Biz

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Discover your ideal client for FREE

Get crystal clear on who you are talking to with this Ideal Client Avatar Creator. Download and fill in this PDF so you can start living inside your dream client's brain and speaking directly to her soul.

Grab a glass of wine, or a cup of fresh coffee, turn off notifications and get to work.

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