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"I am more than my body."

I do a lot of things around these parts but what you need to know is right here.  After getting my B.S. in Exercise & Sport Science, becoming a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and working as a college strength coach, I dreamt up fitdesignbyannie - an online business where I coach women remotely who are looking for an educated approach to getting STRONG and having a plan in the gym. I care much more about how your body feels and performs than what it looks like. Outside of training, I’ve been honored to speak at the Women’s Strength Summit with Steph Gaudreau as well as on the Active Life Podcast with Dr. Sean Pastuch. When I’m not working on programs and content creation, you can catch me lifting and eating my way around the world along side my husband. All of the action is captured over on instagram.

hey you.