I’m a strength coach + entrepreneur + podcast host + wife + influencer + enneagram 8 + introvert. And I love dinosaurs, bath time, and world travel.

hey you.

I'm Annie

meet the annie behind annie miller concepts

I prefer to call myself a fitsPRO

- a strength coach navigating the space that is entrepreneurship. After graduating with my degree in Exercise and Sport science in 2013, becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist, changing course from college strength and performance coach to personal training, I found my calling in the online world of health and fitness. The gram is my favorite platform for fitness and entrepreneurship, and is where you’ll find me most of the time.

I am not your average fitspo

I sat in Thatcher’s coffee shop. While studying for the CSCS exam, I contemplated what I would end up doing with this certification. College strength was off the table, and I wasn’t willing to work for anyone else. So, I impulsively applied for and purchased a biz license for Fitdesignbyannie “Fitness Training & Program Design.” Five years and a lot of messy action later, you see the multi-six-figure business that is, Annie Miller Concepts (name change 2018).

In 2015 Fitdesignbyannie was born

The simple desire to do things my way.

allow me to teach you to do the same

Education and authenticity are at the center of Annie Miller Concepts [two things I saw a shortage of in the online space]. I don't think there is ONE WAY to success, ONE WAY to do fitness, or ONE WAY to run a business. So, for the last five years I’ve sought to share the power of knowledge and taking action in the weight room, and in business.

education + authenticity

at the core of it all

hear me now

When I am not droppin’ educated gains over on instagram or the FitsPRO Podcast, you can find me at laptop, wearing large headphones with no music playing, introverting so hard in the bath tub, or traveling the world with my husband, Nate. Yep, in 2018 we took off for 367 days of traveling the world. Loved it so much we did it again in jan 2020 - but the 'rona sent us home early. All of the action is captured over on instagram (@meanderingmillers)

a day in the life

homebody turned world traveler

give me these,

I am pretty simple woman. but I like things, the way I like things.

quality time

and you win






preferably Ardbeg

or coffee & cream with reddiwip

barbell therapy, you know?

reflection + planning for life

First and foremost, I am me. & I'm the only me. This multi-six figure biz is ran by a human. It me. Human first, always.


I wear a lot of hats...





Fun fact: I am the breadwinner in our marriage. What does Nate do? He takes care of me, so I can do what I love. #teamnate

I didn't believe this for the first 3.5 years of my business. once I did, I started acting like it. & here we are.

Another hat I denied for a long time. But fact is, I have influence & I don't take that lightly. You trust me, and I think that's the tits.

What I was made to do. Whether in the gym, or life, or business, I will forever and always share knowledge and find great joy in doing so.

to be honest, I love all of the hats, but I'm not one for titles.

i dislike most titles I have, and hesitate in telling people what I do - whether traveling the world, or home. "Trainer, business coach, influencer, blogger, etc" I do not like being confined to someone's idea of what these are. I do these things, in large part, to do them differently than I've seen them done.

the hats I wear

Night in
Big ass bun

let's play a game

this or that | annie miller style

game time

Pen & Paper 
Road trip
Night out
Taylor Swift

neither, sleep

the gram

my answers

So would we throw up our hair in a big ol' bun, eat some pancakes, take a road trip through the  mountain in the summer sipping coffee and/or whisky, while listening to "calm down" by T-Swift?

it's both

I think yes.

no? We can still be friends.

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