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On May 22, 2018 we took off on our first year around the globe. We liked it so much that we set out again for round two in Jan 2020 but the 'rona sent us home early.

We're after delicious food, nice humans, natural beauty and experiences > things.

I (Annie) fund our travel through my online lifestyle and education company, Annie Miller Concepts (which you're on now). Nate acts as my support + full time travel agent - now, project manager for our land & house build.

Our hope is to share our experiences with you, through photos, tips and takeaways from where we've been, how we got there, and where we plan to go.

Nathanael (Nate) and Annie Miller here!

All the tips, tricks and notes from the Millers experience hiking Fitz Roy in Patagonia. Including when to arrive to avoid the crowd & which route to hike!



Chile Chico, Chile is an absolutely beautiful town in Patagonia, + was a stop for the Miller's on their road trip. Scope out the post for stunning photos!


Bariloche is a little known gem in Patagonia. A town for people who love lakes and mountains with no shortage of activities + breathtaking views.




Patagonia | Chile Chico, Chile

Hiking Fitz Roy (Laguna de los tres) From El Pilar

Patagonia | San Carlos De Bariloche Guide + Photo Diary

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green - round 1
orange - round 2 (pre-rona)

When you travel, you begin to see how massive the world is, and how little you've seen.

how do we do it?

the Millers behind the meandering

annie takes pics of the world. nate takes pics of annie.

Typically we stay in one place for a month, and then have quick, 2-3 week bouts of traveling fast. We don't own a home or have kids. So we rent when we're back home in Vancouver, Wa. We like beaches, but LOVE mountains. Public transport is cool, but we'd rather drive. And we tend to plan housing and flights a few months ahead of time.

round one highlights

chile | peru | Brazil | italy | greece | croatia | montenegro | slovenia | austria | switzerland | belgium | amsterdam | ireland | Scotland | budapest | prague | poland | slovakia | thailand | SINGAPORE | bali | philippines | vietnam | cambodia | portugal | morocco | canada

round two highlights

mexico city | Colombia | uyuni salt flats | one month in Patagonia | melbourne | one month in Japan

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