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Annie Miller is the OG FitsPRO - a strength coach navigating the space that is entrepreneurship. After graduating with her Bachelors degree in Exercise and Sport Science in 2013 and becoming a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA CSCS), Annie Miller changed course from college strength and performance coach to personal training. She interned as a strength coach at University of Portland for a year and KOR physical therapy as a performance coach for six months, bridging the gap between PT and return to sport. From 2014-2018 she trained people in person and built her online strength coaching business (Fitdesignbyannie at the time).

Annie has helped hundreds of women rekindle their love of the barbell through her year long membership, Built By Annie. Now, she gives coaches the tools they need to build sustainable online health and fitness brands via her signature program, FitsPRO Foundations on the business side. And helps them build evidence-based long term programming for their online health and fitness brands via her self paced course, Pure PROgramming.

Education and authenticity are at the center of Annie Miller Concepts [two things she saw a shortage of in the online space]. For AMC there is not ONE WAY to success, ONE WAY to do fitness, or ONE WAY to run a business. So, for the last seven years Annie has sought to share the power of knowledge and taking action in the weight room, business and life. And ideally, help women develop a long haul mentality in the process.

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