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August 26, 2021

10 Truths From 10 Years of Strength Training

10 truths from 10 years of strength training with Annie Miller

The fitness industry is young in the grand scheme of things. I used to believe things that were backed by science, or we didn’t have the science to back them yet. Either way, I’ve changed a fair amount about what I stand by in fitness. So today I bring you:

10 Truths from 10+ years of strength training and coaching (swipe)

The truths:

  • Anabolic window – not a thing. Eat enough protein collectively and per meal to maximize muscle protein synthesis.
  • Bless @dr.jacob.harden and his prehab 101 seminar for a MASSIVE takeaway: pain does not guarantee tissue damage, tissue damage does not guarantee pain. Pain is a sensory response and can happen for many reason. I have degenerative menisci in my knees, but no pain.
  • Cardio does not guarantee fat loss or inherently ruin strength gains. We make gains from what we can recover from.
  • Foam rolling – IDGAF if you do it or not. Just know what it is doing and what it’s not doing.
  • Muscle growth is most dependent on mechanical tension, not a certain set and rep scheme. PUSH IT, build strong neural pathways.
  • Soreness is not a prerequisite to muscle growth or strength. It’s also fine to be sore in a shock phase or if you really exerted yourself. But with proper diet and recovery, no need to be perma-sore to have gains. In fact this would mean you are not adequately recovering which means gains are compromised.
  • Muscle “confusion” is just a lack of consistency in movements and motor patterns trained…let’s not. Train skills. Train the basics. Watch the gains happen. Squat, hinge, push, pull, carry. Trust me, you can get plenty done with the fundamentals and simplicity.

So, tell me, did you learn anything from these truths and this blog post? Drop it in the comments below or let me know via IG.

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