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November 21, 2023

229 | Best Practices on IG To GROW Your Brand (and income) NOW 

There can certainly be a lot of carryover between how to grow your brand audience on IG and how to increase your income. Often just being front of mind for people is the lowest barrier to increasing applications or enrollments.

We’ll separate the two for clarity but know that there is mainly positive carryover from audience growth tactics *possibly* to income.

Brand GROWTH (audience)

None of these are new – I simply want to do a refresh for you in order to bring your focus back to 1-2 of these if you’ve slipped up in your IG approach lately – it happens. And we then we bring it back.

You know I love stories, but they aren’t for GROWING. They’re for selling and connecting with your warm IG audience so we’ll talk about those during income growth.

Client centric + personal story telling

  • OWN YOUR STORY (past or present process)
  • Bring it back to the consumer and THEIR experience
  • Content that helps them NOW, where they are (they’ll share that!)

Frequency – high volume posting

  • More posts = more reps for you, better messaging, better creatives, more engagement, more potential for exposure and viral status posts, and less overall pressure
  • 7-21 times per week. 7 minimum if GROWTH is the goal.

***posted 2 times per day when I came back from my 8 week break this year and had 2 posts/reels go viral from that. Those posts alone Brough in 3,000 new people. The double posting was worth it due to those two posts landing.

Mother categories

  • Covered in FitsPRO and IG 101. 
  • Still live by this
  • Provides bumpers – which build trust and area of focus (expertise)
  • Go deeper with less. 

[repeatability + sharabelity])

  • Growth = SHAREABILITY and relatability
    • Something people get fired up about (positive or justice vibes), a common experience or struggle – can be funny (taking off a sweaty sports bra) or serious (over sexualization of women in fitness)
      • Both are RELATED to my area of focus but not DIRECT. So it would bring in IDEAL CLIENTS. That’s KEY. Trends don’t always bring quality followers.
  • But low key saying fuck the checkboxes and trending reels…YES even for growth. 

I find half the time that whatever the trend is, it dies or doesn’t work. I can count on one hand the amount of times that a trend worked in my favor – meaning I gained IDEAL CLIENTS into my audience.

By all means, if a trend feels right and you can capitalize on it within brand alignment, GET IT. But please don’t let the pressure of hopping on trends keep you from creating actual content that your audience and ICA would find helpful, relatable, or sharable. A twitter graphic with a bold statement goes a long way.

Income / application GROWTH (clients)

I was talking to a past 1:1 biz client turned colleague a while back. We were discussing lofty financial goals and what refinement it takes from a business standpoint – very “slow down to speed up” vibes.

She made the comment “I doubled my income in ___ (year) by just yelling about my offers more on instagram and email” and I died. Because #TRUTH.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a biz client, follower or fitspro embrace talking about their offer more consistently and BAM – they see applications and enrollments. 

Not ONCE, not vague information. But REALLY commit to talking about “all things your offer.” – clients, who it’s for, problem solving, the process, options people have, etc.

IG stories or – client case study posts

  • How I grew my biz (bless IG stories)
  • The how, process, your personal coaching approach!
  • Prospects see themselves in their shoes

Depends on your offer model but 

  • 1x per week hard call to action to apply
  • Client case studies
  • Story telling (the why, your own experience right now or in the past)
  • FOLLOW UP – Lord Almighty people have forgotten about the best way to make to money in the online space – follow up with people who have inquired!!!!

People get busy, they legit forget or they just need a reminder. I have personally hired two humans due to them following up with me. Because, like I said, I got busy, it got put on the back burner etc but I really did want to hire them, just needed some bugging.

If you can get comfortable with receiving respectful “not at this time” or no response at all, the follow up takes such little time, but holds so much potential for those YESSES. 

And if someone says no, LEAD THEM to another place they can take in content from you, or join a mailing list until they are ready.

  • Social proof up the ying yang

Physical, video, written, screenshots etc

It can be a lot but I’d suggest sharing this once per week as well – on socials to be specific. 

Audience growth doesn’t ALWAYS = income growth. And if it does, typically there is a 3-12 month gap between those. It all takes time.

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