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October 6, 2021

3 Best Back Exercises For Women

3 best back exercises for women with Annie Miller

Who doesn’t love a sculpted back? And a functional one at that.

Here’s the deal. A strong back will benefit most of your big lifts and accessory work. Build strength and skills, catch your back in the mirror like, “oh hello gains, I see you.”

Let’s get this straight – “best back exercises for women” was for better SEO. The exercises I am sharing with you today are my personal favorite back exercises. For men, or women. I just happen to work with exclusively women.

All exercises I share below are bilateral – meaning both arms are working at the same time to complete the movement. They all also work a large portion of your back.

You’re going to notice two lat exercises here. That’s because your lats stretch the span of your shoulder girdle to your low back/hips. We can get A LOT done with the lats and they play a large roll in your ability to “pack your shoulder” for many upper and lower body exercises.

So, my favorite back exercises:

▪️Lat pull down – I rarely stray away from lat pull downs. Here I am doing a classic wide grip. But you can do narrow pronated (palms away from you), neutral grip, or supinated (palms toward you like a chin up).

▪️Straight arm lat pull down – this can also light up your triceps depending on what it’s supersetted with or what exercises came before.

▪️Inverted BB row – harder than it looks. “Sneaky hard.” Horizontal pull, as compared to the lat, vertical pull exercises. Raise the bar up, or feet closer to you to “lower the load.”Bonus: half kneeling high face pull (HELLO REAR DELTS).

Do you have fav back exercises? Let me know below, or pick one of these three!

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