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September 25, 2017



For the sake of today’s writing, I am defining “healthy” as: nutrient dense foods that are low glycemic (meaning they do not spike your blood sugar, mess with hormones, and cause your body to store fat), and have a balance of the three main macro-nutrients (carbs, protein, and fat).

Most smoothies – even the smoothies suggested on the back of my protein powder are really just high glycemic concentrated carbs.  You’re drinking sugar with some vitamins and minerals…This is coming from a smoothie LOVER.  When making smoothies, stick to the following:

Green things – spinach + kale.

Protein powder.

Healthy fats (coconut oil + avocado) if you are moderately to highly active.

Low glycemic fruit – apple, blueberries, cherries, oranges.

Add cinnamon to your smoothies to bring down the effects of sugar on your blood sugar.

I add yogurt or whole milk…see 3rd food below…



2.     LARA BARS

These get me good.  So yes, they have few ingredients {which is awesome and I support that}. Most of them also have a CRAP ton of sugar in comparison to protein as well.  Anywhere from 18-26g of sugar and 3-6g of protein…There may be a few that don’t have this sugar to protein ratio but I have not found them.  Pair a bar post workout with a protein shake and I could support it.  The bar below is a better alternative.  Around six real ingredients, but with more protein and less sugar.

RX bars  – egg whites are included, bring up the protein value. Take the mint for example, 12g of protein and only 14g of sugar – a much better ratio.



I didn’t just say “greek yogurt” because there are about a bazillion different kinds. With this one, I need to go to your fridge, get out your yogurt and look at the grams of sugar. I bet it’s over 20…eh?  Then look at the protein…under 10?   Most are.  Greek yogurt is marketed as healthy.  Let me just keep it so real for a moment…

Just because the food industry labels something as “healthy,” DOES NOT MEAN IT IS ACTUALLY HEALHTY.

Open your God given eye balls and read the nutritional label + ingredients.  Here is a quote from a lady who did one of my 20 Day Challenges:

I grew more in the way of education on food. This portion of your challenge was very intriguing to me. I have never known how to read a label regarding hidden sugar. My eyes have been opened wide. You gave me tools to see past the no sugar claim and look deeper.”

The following are good examples of “okay” greed yogurts at different price points

Siggi’s Icelandic Greek Yogurt 

Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt

I chose these three foods because they come up the most in conversation with clients and in social media when people think they are being “healthy.”  It is not that these things will kill you or cause obesity, there are just better options in the health foods department…always look at the labels!


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