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November 3, 2021

3 Go To Exercises For Your Quads

building quads with quad focused exercises


In a world devoted to building the glutes, let us take a moment to focus on the quads.

I don’t know if any muscle group is more fun to destroy. A sore ass is great. But sore quads hit different. Also, remember soreness does not indicate a solid workout or even that you’ll build muscle as a result of your training. Now, for zee quad exercises.

Cyclist goblet squat – Slow down, keep constant tension. With heels elevated, a few things happen – we increase DEPTH/ROM, we cause a nearly vertical chest angle, and the knees drive over the toes – HULLO QUADS.

BFESS with positive shin angle – The shin angle is VITAL here. Again, quads, hamstrings, and glutes are all working. But your foot being closer to the bench will give you that positive shin angle (knees over toes) and *potentially* a quad bias.

Front squats – Hopefully you can see with the notes on the previous two exercises how these *can* have a quad bias when compared to back squats – particularly low bar.

Most knee dominant exercises are going to have the potential to be quad dominant depending on foot placement and angles. Also LOVE a hero squat.

When looking to build muscle, it’s important to acknowledge individual preferences. Many people feel and get great results from the ABduction machine for glute growth. I much prefer lateral walking lunges or side lying abduction. Know that many exercises target the same area of a muscle. Be open to trying different exercises and stick to what you find works best for YOU.

Happy gains.

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