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July 13, 2022

Best Methods and Exercises For Improving Grip Strength

Best Methods and Exercises For Improving Grip Strength with Annie Miller

Grip it and rip it, right? Or nah? Grip strength is one of the most common limiting factors of women in the world of weight lifting, and certainly inside Built By Annie.

A simple fact we can start with is that you have to train grip strength like any other area of the body you want to strengthen. If you’re inconsistent or constantly reach for your straps, it won’t get stronger. It will remain your weakest link. Especially as your legs and back get stronger. We need progressive overload, just like any other muscle group/movement we train.

So how do you improve your baby child hands? (me and you both)

Incorporate these into the end of your workout or on opposing days from when you deadlift/pull:

👉🏽Farmer carries

👉🏽Bar hangs

👉🏽Deadlift top holds

Sets and reps are dependent on where you’re starting out. This is programmed for you in BBA. During deads (as this tends to be where grip strength is a limiting factor): Pull double overhand before switching to an alternated/mix grip. Use straps once you absolutely need them.

Just like a weight belt, we shouldn’t need straps as a normal part of deads. Just as you shouldn’t need a weight belt as a normal part of squats (unless you’re constantly working at max loads). I can promise you that if you’re not working on your grip strength, you’ll continue to feel like your forearms are going to rupture and your fingers are going to snap off at the knuckle.

It will be uncomfortable. It will burn, your hands and forearms will be sore. You’ll be at an RPE of 7-9. But that’s part of the grip strength game. Good talk? Good talk. What’s your fav way to work your grip? Or do you not work on it?

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