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December 1, 2021

Full Sumo Deadlift Day + The Logic [with videos]

sumo deadlift workout and logic

Sumo deadlift day + logic

Currently I am doing sumo deadlifts & conventional deadlifts but using conventional on my performance care day with high volume (for capacity + grip work).

This workout has the sumo deadlift as the “main lift.” So it is the focus of the workout and will be the first big lift performed. It’s a large, compound barbell movement. And the accessory work is designed to supplement the muscle groups and patterns relative to the sumo deadlift. Let’s get it.

▪️Movement prep:

🔸hip airplanes (done with assistance) – keep knee between big and pinky toe.

🔸single leg bridge

🔸adductor rockback (keep pelvis stable, not tucking into posterior tilt at end range)These open hips in preparation for sumos – abduction, external rotation and extension

▪️Main lift:

🔹Sumo deadlift (slower down than up)


🔻Cossack squats

🔻BB RDL(This was far spicier for my upper and mid back than I anticipated – Working in ABduction + full posterior chain with the RDL).

🔺SL hip thrust – foot elevated because bench is too high when foot is on floor.(glute gains…)

No conditioning or cardio because I want to function after my lifts. Sets and reps 3-4×8 for most everything or 2RIR (reps in reserve), slower down than up tempo, and rest 30-90 sec between sets depending on the load.

Happy gains.

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