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March 11, 2021

How To Be An Industry Disruptor

how to be an industry disruptor with Annie Miller

People who disrupt industries are able to rise above the noise. This is the goal, to be a disruptor. How are you different from the bulk of your industry, or your competitors?

In the process of WANTING to be a disruptor, it can be easy to…lose your way. And possibly become a “complagiarizer.”

Complagiarizer: complainer and or/plagiarizer

The line between the complagiarizer and disruptor (in the graphic below) is often thin. And in attempt to the do the things on the right, you can end up doing some of the things on the left.

This graphic speaks enough for itself. But I will elaborate a bit for clarity (hopefully). Because I think that’s important.

This is 100% in context of the online health and fitness industry.

I am pro-polarizing content when it actually adds value (ep 76 of the FitsPRO podcast discusses this in great depth).

I am not for complaining for the sake of complaining, shaming for the sake of shaming, blatantly copying, or doing any of the above with ill intent.

It’s lazy.

If you want to be an industry disruptor, or even just set yourself apart from the pack – the “norm,” then focus on:

  • BEING YOU – those who are TRULY themselves will be disruptive by nature.
  • Doing “things” different – this is vague AF but this industry is vague AF. How is your content, voice, client experience, mission DIFFERENT? Different is disruptive.
  • BEING THE BEST – you want to make noise? Stir the pot? Be the fucking best. Focus on your craft.

Fact is – those who lack vision (and take from others) will never be the best, or complete the task.

Focus on the items and behaviors in the right column. Look for trends, set them, solve problems, and do things YOUR WAY.

I get it – being “polarizing” is popular. I am FOR polarizing content within context and WITH value added.

But certainly NOT as a go-to form of content for those attempting to grow a reputable, professional brand in the online health and fitness space.

You don’t have to agree with me. But I challenge you nonetheless.

Within your tactics I encourage these questions, specifically on social media (because it is so so unregulated in this sense):

  1. Is this an emotionally fueled post? (Not BAD, just worth asking I think).
  2. Who does this serve?
  3. What do said humans get out of this post?
  4. Did I steal this from someone else?

I don’t think anyone is perfect. I don’t expect them to be. But I do think, forever and always, that WE (in this industry) can improve and gain awareness.

What is the most challenging part about being in this industry for you RIGHT NOW? As a disruptor, someone just starting out, or been here for years.

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