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March 25, 2021

How to Build Professional Credibility & Conscious Consumers online

How to build professional credibility and encourage conscious consumers with Annie Miller

So many things to be said here on the topic of biz, credibility and more.

The online space is largely unregulated (at the current date of early 2021). That can lead to an easy, low resistance path or misinformation. We see this all the time in the health and fitness industry. And have for years.

Thus, this is a conversation about the health and fitness industry, credibility, professionals and consumers. If you’re any of these things, stick around, because we all play a part.

Swipe for the big takeaways (all the way to the end – it’s a good one) and please spread the word via sharing this in any way you see fit.

How are consumers to know better? That is a VERY fair question. Even I get overwhelmed by conflicting information online. And it can be time consuming + difficult to find the original source, so that I can see if it’s credible or not.

When a consumer sees someone with millions of followers making claims about approaches to health, how are they to know if it’s correct?

They aren’t.

And this is one of the many reasons *WE* ARE HERE. *We* being “evidence-based” health professionals.

Fact is, part of our job as professionals (especially in health and fitness in America) is to correct misinformation.

To get people who have entered health and fitness through diet or fitness trends to shift what they thought was true. It’s our job to provide EVIDENCE and science to back our claims or ideas. To meet them where they are, and where they’ve come from. Not to shame or make fun.

THEY ARE HERE. They’re curious. They’re willing.

So when these people end up in my or your audience…Let’s encourage CONSCIOUS CONSUMERS.

Let’s encourage questions, and skepticism and common sense, and the fucking BASICS. For the love of all things holy.

Educate your people. On the culture of social media, on how to navigate information, and also, on health and fitness. Let them know that they should always be encouraged to ask questions and if someone off’s them, to maybe unfollow, or tread carefully – to remain skeptical.

IT IS A JOB OUT HERE. Let me tell you. But this also helps build credibility.

We’ve all said things we no longer agree with (I literally have two podcast episodes on the topic). But that’s part of creating conscious consumers – letting your audience know that YOU ARE NOT PERFECT. You are learning. you will say the wrong thing. You will change your mind. That’s your right as well.

My word is not gold. Take in information from multiple sources. Learn to draw your own conclusions and connect the dots.

So tell me, if you will, when you look to follow or take in info from a professional, what says “credibility” to you? What makes you follow, or sign up, or be in a professional’s corner of the web?

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