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April 1, 2021

How to Cope with Losing Clients

how to cope with losing clients by Annie Miller

So you lost a client or a few followers?

I would say let’s normalize losing clients, but that is not true for all business models.

For example, I RARELY lose 1:1 clients – I tend to keep them for years. But that’s the model I’ve built. I do on the other hand, lose BBA (Built By Annie) clients. It’s literally a “cancel anytime, no questions asked” model…so I expect some turnover with this program.

Especially in the early years of becoming an online health and fitness professional, we can tend to take things personally when we’ve worked so hard to build an offer or audience, and then people decide to leave – that it wasn’t for them. Here’s the deal.

Take a seat because I’m about to be real with you (surprise). “Do everything without grumbling or arguing so that you are blameless and pure.” – Phil 2:14-16. This is one of my all time fav bible verses. And it’s also not attainable. But I think of it often in running my biz.

Whether you dig Jesus or not, this behooves you as a human and biz owner. Period. Act with as much integrity as you can. And then remember this:

1️⃣ Not everyone is for you.

This is huge for the follower situation. Let them go. You lost 10 followers? BIG WHOOP, you freaking have hundreds more who want to keep hearing from you! Stay focused! Maybe your messaging helped weed them out. They weren’t going to pay you. Good day and goodbye now.

2️⃣ When losing clients, consider this, and then land where you may:

‼️‼️‼️Why did they leave?

‼️‼️‼️Was it within your control? Ideally you’ve asked this, or they’ve provided a reason.

👇🏽Top Reasons people leave BBA:


✅Change in training plans/desires – want to train for something specific or do OLY lifting etc.

Everyone loves the programming, the support, and education inside BBA. Cool – my job was done. If someone felt that we had not delivered on our offer, that would be an issue. We’d analyze, apologize and fix it if needed. But more often than not, people stay in the community, and join again, purchase another program, or send people our way through word of mouth.

Losing clients is bound to happen. Know your business model, and what is expected when a client terminates with you.

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