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April 15, 2021

How To Keep Showing Up Online When You Don’t Want To

Having an online brand and presence can be amazing. But it can also take a toll. Let us discuss how to keep showing up on social when it feels heavy / overwhelming / impossible.

While I 735% support taking needed breaks from social, I do tend to remain steadfast in my presence on the ol’ gram. How I personally do that is remembering the following: (and note that this does not imply that showing up is EASY or comfortable all the time).

  • My core values never change.
  • Patient + steadfast.
  • My mission, my voice.
  • Blinders on (context below).
  • Focus on the 95%.

The last two are huge. Social *often* feels heavy because of what you take in, not because of what you bring to the table.

Yes, sometimes we start fires, and they require putting out. We are human. But *most* of the time, you feel heavy due to consumption. Right?

I can tell you that my most fulfilled and aligned moments in biz have come when I had “my blinders” on. When I was consumed with my mission/vision/work/connecting with my audience and thus, that’s where my energy went, to working on my piece. Always asking, no matter the climate – “what’s my part?”

Thats a very simple statement. Don’t dress this up in glitter and butterflies. Fulfilling/my part does not = easy/fun.

So, even when you create, and put it into the world, there will be push back (this grows as you grow – heads up). Pushback is expected, even encouraged. It’s part of the game. Especially online.

Beyond pushback, there is the 3-5% of humans who are literal trolls. They are not the focus. Thus, stay focused on the 95% – the lurkers, the audience, the clients who watch your stories everyday, comment and save your posts, respond to your emails, and support your mission.

Know what holds power in your life and what doesn’t. I know these things. Which is how and why I continue to show up in my corner of the ‘gram (and online in general).

Everyone will need their own boundaries and have their own approach to the online space. Finding what works for you is the key. And that comes with ups and downs, experience, and learning.

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