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August 12, 2021

How to Set Up Properly for Hip Thrusts

How to set up properly for hip thrusts with Annie Miller

The growing popularity of building your glutes via the barbell hip thrust is great. But I want you to maximize your potential strength and muscle growth as much as you can control. That comes LARGELY from your set up.

Common hip thrust set up mistakes:

  • Starting with a bench that is too high – if anything we want the shoulders LOWER than the knees; not above them.
  • Feet too wide or narrow – this is subjective. Wherever you feel the glutes the most is game!
  • Feet too far or too close – Shoot for a vertical shin angle. If feet are too far out, you’ll get a hamstring bias. If they’re too close to you, you’ll get a quad bias. WE WANT THE GLUTES.
  • Adductors (inner thigh) taking over – Play with a narrower stance, and turning feet slightly out. Or adding a band to the upper legs and abducting against it.
  • Head position – “tucking” the chin can help avoid lumber hyperextension at the top. We’re after that full send posterior pelvic tilt and maximum glute engagement.

What is your biggest/most common issue when thrusting? Adductors over powering? Bench being too high? Head position? Where the bar sits? None of the above? Something completely different?

The info is truly in the video below

Thrust form can make or break your booty gains. Be careful out there. Remember: feet shoulder width, hands pressing into bar, eyes forward (chin tucked), braced core (ribs down), posterior tilt at top (full hip extension), bench should be knee pit height or lower, bench at bottom of shoulder blades.

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