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February 4, 2019

Intermediate Hip Dominant Leg Day Workout

free leg day workout hip dominant with Annie Miller

I give you a hip dominant lower body workout in four main exercises. You already know. We keep it simple around here. We pay attention to tempo, and mind muscle connection, and use big compound lifts to get WERK done. Try this one out to see what my training philosophy feels like. Your glutes will thank me…or curse me, or both.

You can do whatever you like for a warm up, or use this full body warm up in under five minutes from my Body Weight for Weight Lifters Program.

A1 Mini band warm up

Perform 2x12ea (lateral, forward/backward, around the world) without resting between sets.

B1 Sumo deadlift from a deficit (or not if you prefer)

The deficit increases range of motion, challenges motor control and mobility. So if you need to pull from the floor like a normal sumo deadlift, that is 100% okay!

Make sure to brace, find tension in the upper back, and squeeze the glutes at the top WITHOUT hyperextending the lower back.

Perform 10 sets of 3 reps at moderately heavy weight but with a tempo of 1.1.3-4 (three to four second release).

Rest 90 seconds between sets.


C1 Hip thrust

I chose a coaching video for this one because I see it done improperly A LOT. Take two minutes of your life and make sure you do these bad boys right.

Perform 3 sets of 12 reps + 5 second hold on the last rep.

Squeeze at the top of each rep, and lower with control.

These are super-setted with b stance dumbbell Romanian deadlifts (see below).

C2 B stance DB RDL

These are magical and I hope you can find a stance that works for you because…these are magical.

I give you, b stance dumbbell Romanian deadlifts.

Immediately after hip thrusts, perform 3x8ea with HEAVY dumbbells in each hand. Keep a SLOWER DOWN than up tempo.

D1 Pull up machine step down

Do high box step ups if you don’t have access to this machine, or the machine doesn’t allow for a good set up.

Perform 3×12 each with little to no rest between sets. Use a challenging weight ALWAYS. Control the release!

If your rear isn’t screaming after this lift, I quit. I’m done, I resign, I am a strength coach no more.

Remember this is a HIP DOMINANT leg workout. This means we focus on the glutes and hamstrings. Your upper back might even be sore from keeping tight on heavy sumo deads and and b stance RDLs

Keep it simple, controlled and relatively heavy. And tell ’em Annie sent ya. These are the types of workouts (minus the added core work and conditioning) that you’ll find inside Built By Annie and 1:1 programming. You can click here to view all program options as well. Or just take the leg day lift and get down with ya bad self.

If you dig this, make sure to check out my other fitness based posts! Don’t want you having the #FOMO.

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