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November 9, 2023

Make Sure You’re a Legit Biz [2 Expert Interviews]


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FitsPRO Foundations is an online course for online business owners. So, I figure it’s appropriate to make sure you’re getting set up (or already are set up), as a legit business.

For this process, I bring you two expert interviews from my friends and experts in biz – Sam Vander-Wielen, and Chloe Elise.

Don’t stress. You can work on getting your biz set up (or re-set up) in a proper manner while also working through FitsPRO. These things can happen in tandem. I just wanted to be sure you aren’t putting the cart before the horse. You’ll get that point when you listen to my interview with miss Chloe.

Both of these women are power-houses at what they do. And I certainly hope their knowledge and wisdom brings empowerment to you in setting up your biz like a true CEO.

Watch the interviews below, and reference them as needed throughout the course. They’re also hosted in the Knowledge Vault for Quick and easy reference 🙂

Biz Set up, Legal, and Must Knows with Sam Vander-Wielen

Sam’s interview is just over one hour long. As you’ll hear in the video, I wish I had Sam in my life five years ago when I started my biz. I have been searching for a lawyer who works in the online space for month’s, and Sam is an absolute gem. She is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur who helps coaches, creatives, and consultants legally protect and grow their online brands through her DIY legal templates and Ultimate Bundle program.  You can learn more about Sam, her legal templates and Ultimate Bundle here (which I now have, myself) and sign up to watch her free workshop on-demand: “The First 5 Steps to Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business” here.

You can also check out her Free ‘Top Legal Mistakes to Avoid’ Guide

What you can expect:

  • Get the first five things you need to do in order to set up your biz legally
  • Understand the differences between an LLC, S corp and Sole Prop (how you’re taxed for each)
  • Know which programs require which types of terms or contracts
  • What makes a contract or terms & conditions hold up in court
  • What legal contracts should do for you and your clients
  • When and where legal contracts, terms and disclaimers belong
  • Understand what you should have on your website, emails, and products to protect you
  • And so much more

Grab your pen and paper because there are A LOT of actionable takeaways in this interview – what’s new?

You can find Sam on instagram @samvanderwielen or on her site.

And don’t forget to enter her FREE workshop to review the content covered in this interview in a more structured and in depth manner.

Biz Finance, Money Mindset and Banking with Chloe Elise

Chloe’s interview is just over one hour long. Money NEEDS to be talked about more. It does not need to be daunting or scary or stressful. THAT is what I hope you get from this call. Here’s a bit about Chloe.

Chloe is a Millennial Money Coach, who helps millennials pay off debt, actually get ahead with their finances & save for big future investments. After paying off over $36,000 of debt in 18 months and seeing how it transformed her life, Chloe decided to show other 20 and 30-somethings how to create that life for themselves too. Her mission is to make finances fun and easy for millennials, and prove that you can enjoy your young adult hood and still get ahead with money. Chloe is an expert in negotiating, gaining confidence around money, and advocates for her clients to optimize their finances instead of sacrificing the things they love. By mastering her personal and business finances, Chloe grew her business to-6 figures within her first year and she now helps entrepreneurs make a seamless jump from corporate by mastering their business finances too.

What you can expect:

  • Knowing how to set up your biz finances
  • The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make around money & finances
  • Common money mindset roadblocks and how to make the needed shifts
  • How to get ahead NOW with your money
  • The entrepreneurial rollercoaster and how to GET OFF.
  • Importance of education around money
  • How setting aside biz finances is WORTH IT.
  • How starting NOW, wherever you are with money and finance is exactly how you’re going to be successful.

Grab your pen and paper because there are A LOT of actionable takeaways in this interview – what’s new?

You can find Chloe and her UH-MAZING services below:

Free Challenge–How to Save $1,000 in 3 days:$1000-Challenge

Free Facebook Group:


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