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April 22, 2021

Newbie vs Expert Mindset

newbie vs expert mindset with Annie Miller

Comparing the newbie versus expert mindset. And the progression of becoming more of an expert or learning something new to becoming seasoned.

See the comparison + process below.

It is very common to start off with rigid beliefs about concepts and philosophies on a given topic. We see this ALL the time in the world of health and fitness.

As you learn more, you learn how much you don’t know, and that truth often lies in the grey areas. Your mind expands and you question everything that you stood firm on in your earlier stages. After questioning life, and taking in more perspectives, you tend to settle on what you believe to be true or what you align with. (Your philosophy).

These kind of become your principal practices – your new, evolved foundation. Everything else outside of that is then an “it depends, maybe, that could work, there’s a lot of options that are feasible.”

This is why when I follow a younger coach, I don’t tear them apart for saying things that I can almost guarantee they will disagree with in five years. Because I disagree with things that I said five years ago.

In fact I have two podcast episodes all about things that I used to believe to be true or stand behind, that I no longer do. One episode for fitness, and one for business. And I am sure that I currently believe things or support things that I will question and/or disagree with five years from now.

This is an important process to recognize, and accept. It’s also one that I don’t think you can rush. But that you CAN be blind to, and very dangerously get stuck in a fixed mindset.

Food for thought.

What did you used to support/believe to be true that you either disagree with now, or think differently about? “Activating the glutes” “You need a funnel for a successful biz” “Toes forward when you squat” “No spinal flexion” “You need a freebie when starting a biz.”

You’re not alone.

Have grace for yourself as you question, learn, and teach. And in the same breath, have grace for others. We’re all on our own journey of framing philosophies and practices.

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