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May 14, 2018

Perspective [quit now if you can’t think like this]

how to do anything - 80/20 perspective and mindset

Perspective is a VERY powerful thing. It literally shapes the way you view a scenario, process it and act on it.

Today I plan to help you thrive by getting you to think long term. A long term perspective is quite possibly the most grounding practice for remaining steadfast in life and training.

Listen, I get it. Your rough patches are real, they have happened, and are going to happen. Great, I want you to face it, own it and get the frick over it sister.

I listened to a Mind Muscle Project podcast episode once and those Australian stallions hit the nail on the head. Your mindset is EVERYTHING.

The 80/20 rule

I need you to expect to fail, to have a bad week, even a bad month. You have got to expect and prepare for the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time, life and training are doable. They might be a grind, but nothing is fully de-railing you. The other 20% of the time guess what?…Shit hits the fan. Sometimes it splatters everywhere. Maybe it even gets in your mouth…I know, graphic, but it paints the picture…no pun intended.

It is vital that you expect this 20% because if you have this perspective, it WON’T derail you when it happens. You’ll take it with a grain of salt and know that the other 80% is to come. You don’t need to quit. Perhaps you need to take a week off of training, or scale back, but quitting all together? Hell no. That will ensure that your 20% is expanded to 30+ percent.

Don’t shy away from committing to something just because you’re scared you’ll need to quit at some point. Don’t fear the “what-ifs.” CHANGE THE PERSPECTIVE and embrace that the what-ifs might happen.

What’s the worst that can happen?

For real though. If you can learn to ask this question often, you’ll start to realize that the worst case scenario really isn’t that bad. You’ll start to realize that you have the ability to work through + come back from some pretty trying situations. This is especially doable if you have a long term perspective. If your go to action step is to quit every time something is going exactly how you’d like it to, you’re a literal failure waiting to happen. #toughlove.

Your training isn’t always going to feel good, you might get injured, you aren’t always going to get the results you were expecting, your coach might say something that sets you off.  Are you just going to throw your hands up and peace out? I certainly hope not. My tribe doesn’t quit. And you’re my tribe right? If not, you can join here.

Here’s where the freedom of a long term perspective comes into play. You have options. Options that don’t include quitting. You get to work through that 20% – the injury, the disappointing week or month, the lack of results, the emotional let down. Because when those times come, you were expecting it at some point. You knew it wasn’t all going to be butterflies and rainbows. You knew a storm was coming.

Be steadfast in your training my friend. With a long term perspective you’re one step ahead when the shit hits the fan. And the 20% carries less weight.

Get rid of a short term training perspective. You’ll thank me when you’re thriving, less stressed, and more grounded.

Much love.

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accomplish anything - 80/20 perspective and mindset

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