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March 2, 2022

Simple Food and Photo Travel Guide To Mexico City

Mexico City is one of our favorite cities in the world – largely due to the food, people, and culture. You could visit 10 times and have new experiences on each occasion. We’ve been twice, for a total of 5 weeks, and can’t say enough fabulous things about this city. If the Millers could scream anything from roof tops, it would be that Mexico has so much more to offer than Cabo and Cancun.

Getting to Mexico City

One of the perks of Mexico City (for us) is that it’s a 5 hour flight from PDX and there is minimal jet lag, if any. It’s also an inexpensive international trip. Thus, we typically creep the business and first class tickets, because WHY NOT?! We use skyscanner for our ticket searching. In April/May 2021 we paid $500pp for round trip business class. Economy would have ran us in the $300’s (per person).

We did not love our airbnb this time around so I won’t be linking it. But please do look in the La Condesa and Roma Norte neighborhoods for safe and solid accommodations in two awesome spots.


While Mexican cuisine is amazing in and of itself, the food culture in Mexico is also something any foodie can appreciate. If we’re generalizing, Mexico City cares about food. Period. And you, as a visitor, get to benefit from that, every meal of the day, at nearly any price point.

In our five weeks, these were some of our fav places (just pop them into google):

  • Kura sushi
  • Lalo cafe (La Condesa)
  • Niddo cafe
  • Lardo (breakfast for sure)
  • Ilys – lunch / dinner
  • 212 Pizza Bar (central to Roma Norte by the fountain)
  • Guzina Oaxaca (mid/upscale Oaxacan food in the Polanco neighborhood)
  • Vecchio forno – Italian 
  • Cameroon seafood
  • Poke – if you’re in the La Condesa neighborhood
food in mexico city with Annie Miller
exploring mexico city with Annie Miller
Latte of the day with Annie Miller
Cuisine in Mexico City
Ojo de Agua


Mexico City is MASSIVE. Meaning there is a lot to see and do in the city but also outside the city. I covered our adventures outside the city in another blog (see that here).

You can knock out several must see attractions in just one morning:

We skipped the square, and dome because we’d seen them on our last visit (again, linked here). I have no clue how we walked past all of these other attractions and missed them (I mean it was raining so perhaps that was it). So glad we got to capture them this time around! 

  • House of Tiles
  • Palacio Postal
  • China Town
  • Historical Center
exploring Palacio in mexico city

On the same day, or another day, catch an uber over to the neighborhood of Chimalistac. We didn’t opt to pay for a 30 minute uber, but check out the neighborhood – might be worth it to some. 

Walk around La Condesa and Roma Norte

One street off of Chiapas 

  • Condesas
  • Av Veracruz 
  • Hotel Condesa
  • The España park
  • Popocatepetl square
  • #161 and
  • #171 avenue México
  • Parque Mexico

Whether you have been to other parts of Mexico, or you’ve never had Mexico on your bucket list, ADD IT, and make sure you don’t sleep on Mexico City. She is a gem.

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