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I'm an adventurous introvert from Vancouver, Washington who lives on sleep + "me time." I'm a lover of lifting weights, dinosaurs, real talk and traveling with my husband. I am here to help you move better, lift more, bust the myths of the fitness industry, and inspire you to love the process.

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I first set eyes on the Heaven-like Uyuni Salt flats back in 2008. My soul never forgot, and it had forever and always been on the top of my bucket list since then. We missed out on the opportunity to catch a bus from Arequipa Peru to La Paz back in 2018. And we praise […]

July 2, 2020

Annie Miller walking through the Uyuni Salt Flats in 2020

As mentioned in the Medellin blog post, we heard about Guatape from a friend and follower of ours. Medellin was a fine city, but Guatape offered a fun weekend trip. So we rented a car in Medellin from Europe Car. Definitely get a SUV if you can as some of the roads were dirt and […]

June 25, 2020

Medellin was…not bad. We didn’t love it or hate it. It’s a beautiful city. The consistent red brick buildings against the massive green hills and mountains are like nowhere else we’ve been. We were in Medellin for 10 days. You must remember that in a large city like Medellin, someone could have completely different experiences […]

June 18, 2020

Gorgeous view of Medellin Colombia with Annie Miller

After three days in Santa Marta, Colombia we heard about Minca, and promptly booked a little getaway. Oh man, this is a STORY. So if you were looking for like, a super informative blog on Minca, this might not be it. I will of course include links to our hotel, bike rental and coffee tour. […]

June 11, 2020

Minca Colombia adventure with Annie Miller

Santa Marta, Colombia was on our potential list of one month destinations in 2018/2019. Rio De Janeiro beat it out, and PRAISE THE JESUS, because Rio is way better than Santa Marta. That is not to say Santa Marta is a dump or terrible location. The Millers simply enjoyed what Rio had to offer in […]

June 4, 2020

AirBnB in Santa Marta Colombia by Annie Miller

Mexico City is now one of our all time favorite cities. After skimming the photos in this post, you’ll understand why. It’s like Mexico and Europe had a baby in all the best ways. You should note that Mexico City is MASSIVE. We’re talking a metropolis with over 21 million people including the metro area. […]

April 23, 2020

Image of Mexico City - tour and photo guide by Annie Miller

BANFF NATIONAL PARK IN SEPTEMBER. Banff lives up to the hype. And you should go there. We decided to finally cross Banff off the Bucket List back in September of 2019 when I had a conference in Victoria BC. You can read about our two week road trip here. This is not a guide to […]

April 16, 2020

CANADA ROAD TRIP FROM OUR HOME TOWN. Nate and I have wanted to visit Canada for a while now. For us it’s one of those “we can do it anytime” locations, since we live five hours south of Vancouver, B.C.. But when I booked a continuing education conference in Victoria B.C., it was the opportune […]

April 9, 2020

Views of Vancouver BC on Canada Road Trip with Annie Miller

U.S. NATIONAL PARKS ARE THE BEST. Yellowstone and Glacier are amongst Nathanael and my favorite National Parks. We’ve now made it a point to road trip to both of these twice, so I figured it was about time that I whip up a post for you. If this post sounds…a bit negative, it’s because I […]

April 2, 2020

Glacier National Park Road Trip with Annie Miller

FRÉ Skincare is a company who I have been truly honored to partner with and represent over the past 2-3 years. Just for some background – FRÉ Skincare is a female-forward company owned by two men, Mickael and Michael. You can read more about their background and specific mission here. And more about how FRÉ gives […]

March 26, 2020

Photo of Annie Miller using FRÉ Skincare on trip to Morocco







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