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June 10, 2021

Three Spreadsheets Your Business Needs

Three spreadsheets you should consider having in your biz. You can love spreadsheets but be terrified to look at your biz numbers. I teach these inside my business course because they’re important. Looking at your numbers is important, period. And the earlier you can start tracking, the better.

So the three spreadsheets are: Profit and Loss (P&L), Monthly KPI’s or general numbers, a client pipeline/retention sheet.

The spreadsheet breakdown:

✅ Profit and loss (money in, money out, profits), income (separate income stream) – expenses (biz expenses) = profits. AT LEAST track this.

✅ Monthly KPI’s (Key performance indicators) or truly just your “numbers.” For example: social media audience, email list opt ins, open rates, click rates, number of people in each program, revenue from each program per month, page views of your site, conversion rates, podcast downloads etc. This will 100% depend on you, your biz and what you’re needing to track.

KPI’s/numbers: You won’t work on ALL of these at once. But you can decide which you DO want to drive up over the next quarter or year and then have actual data as to how that’s going.

✅Client pipeline
This will be very individualized, but as an example:

  • client enrollment date
  • client name
  • payment amount
  • tracking phases
  • end action [re-enroll, terminate etc])

I don’t care which you chose to use. I just wanted to bring up the conversation around numbers, and tracking them. This can be particularly uncomfortable for women, and it needn’t be. It’s your biz, you’re the freaking boss. So make a spreadsheet and track your numbers. Just like with fitness, mindset and nutrition: what we measure or track can be managed. We need the data. We love the data. We use the data.

Do you track any numbers in your biz? How does it make you feel!?

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