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July 27, 2022

Training Tips and Best Exercises for Building Your Glutes

Training Tips and Best Exercises for Building Your Glutes with Annie Miller

So you want glutes?

We can thank Kim K and mainstream fitness media for glorifying zee d-d-d-dump truck. I’m sure in 10 years the pancake butt and having no curves will be in again. Rather than focusing on societal norms and standards, let’s just build a juicy butt if that’s what you want for yourself. You want GROWTH. If we look at body building principles, they apply to any muscle group, glutes included. So let’s.

It will likely benefit you to:

Take your glutes to near failure from different angles – so you’re recruiting as many fibers as possible. That can happen with a variety of set, rep, and load schemes. Heavy hip thrusts and steps ups AND high rep side lying ABduction. Tempo DB deadlifts from a deficit and heavy glute kickbacks. Curtsy lunges, RDL, single leg hip bridges.

It is true and will be important to accept that what you feel builds your glutes might differ from someone else. But variety in volume will be important, as well as variety in movements that target the glute max, glute med and glute minimus.

Glute maximus is the largest of the three glutes and also gives you the most rounded “shape” you’re likely looking for.

Glute med and min are going to give you the upper and outer “shelf” like shape. Your personal insertions will determine how each of these develops. Regardless of shape, having strong, functional glutes will benefit you throughout your life. The following exercises, if programmed well, have potential for both building function and mass – win, win.

The mother of all glute exercises is the hip thrust. It’s not up for debate. The squat used to, and maybe still does get a lot of glute building credit. But the squat is largely a quad dominant exercise. Whereas the hip thrust prime mover is in fact GLUTE MAX.

Glute kick back machines allow for either high rep or low rep volume with relative load. This is widely up to you and what you feel you get the best contraction with.

Straight leg or any cable/banded kick back variation with high volume and lower weight. Burn out and go until fatigue because YOU CAN here.

Either a step up or reverse lunge is great for unilateral bias glute work from a functional standpoint

WORK THE GLUTES. STRESS THE GLUTES. Eat enough protein and overall calories. Share with all your friends.

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