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May 6, 2022

Travel Guide to Visiting Lake Chelan WA In February

Lake Chelan WA in February with Annie Miller

I read that Lake Chelan is Washington’s hidden gem recently. While we do think it’s a gem, it’s certainly not hidden. Many Washitonians and visitors from other states come during all seasons to experience all that Chelan has to offer.

It’s only 1 hour from Leavenworth and 2.5 hours east of Seattle. That’s wildly “out of the way” for some people, and seems like a perfect road trip for others.

We happened to be up north for an event, so made a week out of visiting both Leavenworth and Chelan in February – a time we’d not yet visited these locations. **Time of year can give you a completely different experience in a city/state/country you’ve previously visited. Don’t sleep on a return trip during a different time of year!

February is undoubtedly off season in Chelan. The town is widely recognized as a summer getaway. But winters are growing in popularity as well.

Where to stay:

In our personal research, many of the accommodations in Chelan are dated. It feels as if the town peaked in the 90’s. BUT THAT IS CHANGING…rapidly.

This could be what was available one week before arriving, or just the overall theme for the town. Perhaps booking with more advance notice would bring up more modernized airbnb’s. Either way, I highly suggest attempting to snag a place with a lake view, or better yet, lake access if you can swing it.

We stayed at Grandview on The Lake hotel but booked through Airbnb (it was sold out on booking, but available on Airbnb. Never forget to crosscheck!)

Grandview on the Lake hotel in Lake Chelan WA with Annie Miller

Looked at

  • Campbells
  • Several Airbnbs on the Northwest bend of the lake

Where to eat:

Chelan is not large. It’s very restricted to what’s around the lake. With that, wine country is often accompanied by great food choices – hoping this expands in the future for Chelan. Bless.

Food options in Lake Chelan WA
winery in Lake Chelan, WA with Annie Miller
Annie at the winery
delicious food while visiting Lake Chelan
Cairdeas Winery with Annie Miller

Blueberry place

Quick Wok

Apple cup cafe

Honestly get some cheese and salami at Chelan winery with a bottle from Ceirdeas.

Wine tasting:

What’s better than a body of water, mountains and wine country? Not much, and Chelan offers you all of these things in a very close proximity.

There is a chocolate festival in Februry and Hot air balloon festival in March. Check up on those dates with local Chelan websites if you’re wanting to plan a quarter one trip around specific events!

We were essentially there between these two events due to last minute planning.

Cairdeas had a chocolate and wine pairing while were there! It was to die for. They partnered with a local chocolatier. While the chocolatier didn’t have a store front, we were able to buy more chocolate through the winery. It’s hard to beat pepper, basil or salted caramel chocolate.

chocolate and wine pairing with Annie Miller

Amos Rome Vineyards

Huge fan of their first red – it was more like a pino noir – which is our personal favorite style of red. We love a lighter body, tart, tannins. Often in tastings, we get Merlot and Cabernet. We aren’t always fans of these.

Amos Roam vineyards with Annie Miller

Both Ceirdeas and Amos had great wines. They did not disappoint.

We also had these on our list. But frankly, two full tastings is enough to numb my face…so, no need to keep going.

  • Fieldings
  • Tildio
  • Nefarious 

Would recommend these based on reviews from the other wineries without having tasted there.

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