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December 3, 2020

Two Days In Hiroshima | Travel Guide and Photo Diary

Exploring Hiroshima with Annie Miller

Hiroshima is worth the hype. Honestly, is there anywhere in Japan that’s not worth the hype? We think not.

Not going to lie, visiting Hiroshima as an American was a bit eerie…for, hopefully, obvious reasons. We didn’t get a chance to go inside the Museum because it was closed, but did visit the Atomic Dome, Hiroshima Castle, Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima Ropeway, and Misen Summit. Here’s a small guide for reference:

Activities in Hiroshima:

Day 1:

  • Hassai for a fried noodle experience.
  • Walk to the Atomic Dome and Museum (it was closed when we were there but we heard it’s amazing).
  • Then to the Hiroshima castle.

Day 2:

  • Itsukushima Shrine + Miyajima Ropeway cable car – you’ll need to book a ferry; likely from your hotel.
  • Visit the view point to the left off the rope way, but also the <30 minute hike to Misen Summit – one way.
Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima Japan

We had immaculate weather on both of our days in Hiroshima. Being there in early April meant that spring was settling in. And that meant beautiful new foliage. Let us not forget that this also meant cherry blossom season. I only bring this up because of photo and scenery expectations for anyone who plans to visit.

Walking around to The Dome, the surrounding areas, and the Hiroshima Castle took a good half day. It’s an easy city to Navigate, and not too large.

walking near atomic dome in Hiroshima
beautiful day in the city of Hiroshima by Annie Miller
beautiful day in hiroshima by Annie miller
Hiroshima Castle exploration
Annie Miller at the Hiroshima Castle
gorgeous Hiroshima Castle

Itsukushima Shrine + Miyajima Ropeway cable car

On our second, and last day in Hiroshima, we visited the world renowned Itsukushima Shrine…which was completely covered and under construction…as seen below. We obviously had to capture the moment.

The Millers exploring Hiroshima

Good news – there is more to see here than the shrine! There are actually full on accommodations on the island as well. You can visit shops, eat, and tour temples, and haul yourself up the mountain to ride the Miyajima Ropeway. That’s what we did.

We got off the ferry at the docs, walked to see the shrine, and then walked “to the end” and took a left to head towards the ropeway.

The path to the ropeway is clear. It starts by winding through temples and shops until you reach the forest. Then it’s a steady climb before reaching the ropeway.

It was a two part ropeway system. So we rode up to a new platform, got out and then loaded into a cable car with a much shorter duration. The photo below is the second car. This is where you’ll get out and see the various viewpoints.

visiting the Miyajima Ropeway
views from the Miyajima Ropeway
Annie Miller after taking the Miyajima Ropeway
Annie Miller overlooking hiroshima

You can stop here and catch the cable car back down, ooorrrr continue onto the 30 minute hike to Misen Summit – one way. This is a warning…it’s short in distance but you’re going to work up a sweat. It is more or less an U shamed hike. You end up at the highest view point. And it’s 100% worth it. Just know that it will had 45 minutes to an hour to your time between getting off the cable car, and heading back down.

view from Misen Summit in Hiroshima
The Millers at Misen Summit in Hiroshima

The ferry back to the Grand Prince Hotel had a 1 or 3 o’clock pm time slot and we were cutting it REAL CLOSE for that 1pm slot. We literally ran down the mountain to make it back in time. Made it with two minutes to spare.

Keep in mind that we were there in spring and the Coronavirus was in it’s beginning stages so shops were beginning to close. Our main objective was to see the shrine (which was completely covered and under construction) and to take the cable car. Once those tasks were complete, the Millers were satisfied. No need to spend more time on the island.

Annie Miller enjoying the Grand Prince Hotel

We highly suggest that you stay at the Grand Prince Hotel. We were coming to the end of our 21 day road trip, and definitely upgraded our room to a panoramic corner view. I can’t complain.

The hotel faces the bay, has land shuttles into town, and a ferry to the famous shrine. It was very easy to get to with a car, but I am sure you could hire a taxi or schedule a shuttle from the hotel to retrieve you at an airport or train stations.

Hiroshima is worth the visit. It’s a bit far southwest from Tokyo, but what an amazing location – for both the historical value and it’s natural beauty.

If you want to visit…pin this post for later!

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