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July 4, 2022

What Are Depth Jumps and How To Use Them

When most people think of a box jump, they think of jumping UP, onto the box. But depth jumps flip that on its head.

Today’s post takes you through how I use depth jumps in programming, as well as a real life example of depth jumps used in my personal programming.

I am a big fan of a four day upper-lower split. But when I have time and energy for a fifth day of training, it’s my fun + weakness day. The day that I choose to work on things I suck at, while tossing in some stuff that more often than not, makes me feel athletic or strong.

I give you:

▪️Depth jumps – plyometrics and explosive movement are not to be feared, or to be used ineffectively. In short one should progress like so:

💥Landing mechanics before jumping

💥Jumping with a step down

💥Rapid response jumping

That is how I suggest implementing them into programming. Depth jumps are still a plyometric. Therefore I would use them in the beginning of the lift as they have high CNS demand. No need to do high volume here. The goal is quality landing and max explosiveness, not how many reps you can do.

How I programmed them:

I paired the depth jumps with some eccentric dorsiflexion (which I should be probably be doing 2-3 days per week due to the ankle mobility lost while traveling the world. IT’S REAL).

Then some posterior focus explosive, full effort work with 30 dual KB dead stop swings – focusing on making every rep as good as the last. Basically 30, single reps.

Wrap it up with a 360 style core circuit

– Front rack holds for 30 seconds (axial loaded isometric pillar strength)

– Hanging alternating knee raises (core from lats to hip flexors)

– Cross body Kb RDL (rotational core + some flexion [I KNOW]). (*C3, says C2)

At this time, this workout was one my most enjoyable days of training. So much so that I have moved it from day five to day three. It split up my normal lifting days, and it was lovely.

Best of luck implementing depth jumps in your training!

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