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October 13, 2021

What DOES NOT Dictate Your Ability As A Strength Coach

what does not dictate your ability as a strength coach with Annie Miller

Let’s discuss what DOESN’T make you a great coach.

It’S nUaNcEd. But truthfully it is. Hear me out. It’s a shame that potentially great coaches are held back because they have clients who can squat more than them. That potentially great coaches feel like they need a different body in order to provide value. It’s a shame that potentially great coaches stay quiet because they feel like they need oNe MoRe CeRtIfIcAtIoN.

You choosing to show your training, past or present simply shows that MAYBE you practice what you preach.

Building a biz on the basis of your physique is a dangerous, slippery, and unstable route.

Certifications are needed. But not what make you a great coach. They show that you give shit, put some level of effort in to be a professional.

So what DOES dictate your ability as a strength coach? (or any other professional).


▪️Effectively communicate: your process and philosophy, with clients in general.

▪️Get your clients results.

▪️Consistently provide value.

▪️Simplify complex topics so your clients understand.

▪️Respect nuance.

▪️Follow the science.

▪️Give credit where credit is due.

▪️Say “I don’t know,” “perhaps,” “it depends.”

Your value as a strength coach does not come from your 3RM back squat, glute gains, letters behind your name, or how successful your last cut was. Those things are NOT inherently bad, or good, they just ARE. Nothing single-handedly demonstrates your ability as a coach. It is a combination of your experience, your message, your client results, your education/background, and how well you can package + deliver that to your humans.

Change my mind. Tell your friends.

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