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May 11, 2022

When Is More Not Always Better?

more isn't always better with Annie Miller

Especially in the western world, it seems to be preached that more is better – that we should always be after more, that more is to be coveted. Annie’s being philosophical again, watch out. Truly, I know nothing other than what I have experienced. So, that’s the lens I am sharing through.

I don’t know if desiring more is inherently bad or good. Perhaps it is neutral. That’s honestly besides the point of today’s post.

Because I help people in the realms of fitness and entrepreneurship, more is a pretty common topic. More clients, more followers, more income, more time, more freedom, more muscle, more strength, more ability.

More of something, especially something you’ve not had before, does create opportunity for learning and growth. But in the absence of learning and growth, literacy perhaps, we just spend, react, stress out at new levels. Go us.

Being in a relationship longer doesn’t equal a deeper or healthier relationship.

Earning more money doesn’t equal wiser investments or spending habits.

Gaining more clients doesn’t automatically make you a better coach.

Having more followers doesn’t equal more credibility. Though it CAN, the two are not directly correlated.

More doesn’t always equal better. It just means MORE.

BETTER comes with the learning and growing. I make more money than I’ve ever been exposed to, I have a growing audience yet I hate being the center of attention. I’ve been married almost eight years and come from a broken home.

I have no answers. Other than I know I have to learn in order to: Make my money make more money. Give generously. Balance my life, biz, and managing an audience wisely. Make eight years of marriage into 50 (God willing). I don’t get it right most of the time and I don’t know that anyone does. I want more, but more in order to do better. If that makes sense. More options, more opportunity.

I personally used to feel guilty for wanting more. Which could be a whole other post. In the mean time, I encourage all of us to do the learning from day one. Be introspective from day one. Because MORE ain’t gonna fix it.

Amen? Amen

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