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March 10, 2022

When To Use Lifting Straps For Deadlifts

when to use lifting straps for deadlifts with Annie Miller

When to use lifting straps: When your little baby infant hands can’t even. Kidding, kind of.

First off: They’re a piece of equipment. And not one you should need all the time.

There are different kinds – A single loop or tear drop, figure eight and pull through style (like I use in the video below).

They’re most commonly used for deadlifts but can be used for literally anything that your grip is the limiting factor. I often use them for RDL’s with high volume or load. I personally want clients to improve grip strength, but I also encourage straps if grip is the limiter.

I repeat – there is no equation for when to use straps. Ideally you’re pushing your grip like any other part of the body. It has to be overloaded in order to get stronger. If you’re constantly using straps, your grip may not improve. See exercises below you can implement for grip.

Know what you are trying to push – your legs, or your grip. For instance, I will hold dumbbells until a very uncomfortable point, but I do reach that time when I need straps for B-stance RDL or Bulgarian split squats. No limit to when you can use straps, but let’s not become dependent on them when they truly are not necessary.

Brief demo of how I put on, and get set up with the straps during deadlifts: No matter what style strap you’re using, use both hands to secure your first side. Then finagle your way into securing your second hand. (you’ll see what I mean in the video).

This is the progression I teach:

Pull double overhand as long as you can.

Then pull alternated or mix grip (one pronated, one supinated).

Then add straps if needed with double overhand. No shame in using straps. But also let’s not use them if they aren’t truly needed. And even when using them, if grip is the limiter, then focus on improving grip strength through:

▪️Farmer carry variations

▪️Bar hangs

▪️Using fat grips

I am not an affiliate for strong strong supply co but highly suggest their lifting straps.

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