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February 18, 2020

059 | Health & Traveling – Redefining “Health”

Redefining health with Annie Miller of The FitsPRO Podcast


Today will challenge your view of health and it might just ruffle a few feathers but what’s new? I am not here to make you feel good. Or for us to agree on everything. I am here to challenge you and raise the standard.

So here we are.

This topic came to me in 2018 when we started traveling and continued to intensify as we made our way around the globe.

Here’s the pressing question…

Are you “healthy” if you can’t travel without 16 powders, teas, remedies and pills? Would you survive without your kombucha and collagen?

I ask that on the premise that my view and definition of health has changed from perfection and stability to ADAPTABILITY.

Now, this was in fact me before we left for round one of travels. I took the same all natural pre-workout from silver fern, drank my collagen in my coffee every morning, took all my vitamins and the same protein after every workout. And finished up my day with some calm magnesium and home-frozen siggi’s yogurt. All the products may or may not still be linked on my amazon page.

But, traveling put things into perspective for me and that’s what I am sharing with you in today’s episode.

Not to take you away from all your supplements. But to perhaps help you see how amazing and resilient your body is…even WITHOUT all of the things.

And maybe to challenge your current definition or view of health.

I also don’t think there is ONE definition of health.

My picture of health before traveling the world was much more structured than it is now.

It was more extreme – eating almost the same thing daily for at least two of my meals, getting eight hours of sleep, lifting heavy weights, taking all my supplements, focusing on nutrient timing and so on.

I wouldn’t say I had a social life, or walked at all outside of my exercise.

Now, clearly what I just stated CAN be healthy. But it can also be extreme, and rarely are extremes healthy.

The goal was near perfection.

Now, the goal is much looser.

Like I stated, my version of health is now adaptability.

Are you so married to one type of exercise that you’re unwilling to move your body in another way just for the sake of taking care of yourself?

Because that’s not healthy.

Does your gut freak out if you’re not on a perfect diet?

While I realize that can be SO REAL, that is not healthy. Many in the health space in the states are working to restore their gut. My question is, once restored, can your gut adapt to and tolerate different cuisines and variance in your diet?

I just found myself thinking SO OFTEN during our travels “so many people wouldn’t, or couldn’t do this because of their “healthy” lifestyle.”

I don’t mean to offend. And I really don’t feel like I’m articulating this well. But I’m hoping it lands somewhere on the board and you get what I’m trying to say.

I guess I see health now as more well rounded, and more grey. We walk so much more than we used to and I hated that when we got home we stopped walking.

I enjoy the diversity of foods we eat. Those experiences enhance my life. I am not restricted by foods – Nate definitely becomes more sensitive to dairy when his stress is higher. It’s realizing things like that. Is it the food? Or the stress? The lack of sleep? You know?

Many parameters are the same for us.

I got so many DMs when we travel – how do you stay in shape? How do you find healthy foods to eat? How do you deal with a lack of lifting weights?

And those questions are welcome.

I am sad if that’s the top things you consider when TRAVELING THE WORLD.

But to answer them – we walk a lot, we go on runs, Nate ran the stairs in our apartment the other day, we do body weight workouts and have bands, and we get gym memberships when we can. Ideal? No. Extreme? No. Healthy? 100%.

Extreme was my struggle in the beginning of travels 2018 – if I didn’t have weights, I wasn’t working out. And I HATED THAT. I missed my body – not the physical appearance. When we don’t move our bodies with intention, it’s like not nurturing a relationship. Once I got a gym membership again it was like OOHHHH HEY GIRL, long time no speak. How are you feeling? Sorry I’ve ghosted you for three months! My bad!

That was one of my big aha moments.

Health is not all or nothing, EVER.

It’s the basics.

Our bodies are made to move, and we need to move them, even if it’s not in our preferred manner. That 12 body weight workouts in a month are 100% better than no workouts.

As far as food goes, we eat intuitively. And keep mental note. If I had a chocolate croissant for breakfast, I’ll likely pass on the wine at dinner or have the wine and pass on dessert.

No, that’s not psycho, it’s being aware and caring for my body. I am a person who will literally ALWAYS want the sweet. It’s healthy for me to do what’s kind for my body vs what I always WANT. I hope that makes sense.

Mindset is huge in all of this; and that’s really what this whole episode is about.

What you view as healthy, and questioning that appropriately.

The answer is different for me than it is for my mom or sister, because health is incredibly multifaceted and individualized.

I hope your view of health isn’t holding you back from amazing experiences because you’re so afraid to go one month without your supplements or the gym.

Our bodies are amazing and adaptable.

And your stress level is likely screwing any “healthy” thing you think you’re doing anyway.

Journal, manage your stress, say no, slow down, breathe, walk, move intentionally, eat vegetables and the freaking croissants in Italy, drink water and the wine, GET YOUR SLEEP and be kind your body and mind!!!

That’s my current view of health. You are free to have yours, obviously.

Could you snorkel or paddle board or go hike 11 miles if you wanted to?

Could you point to the menu in a foreign country and eat it without your gut going completely haywire?  I do want to note that in Mexico we were both super gassy for some reason and from all the fiber in Colombia, we had looser stool than normal. There is slight changes everywhere we go, which is expected with drastic changes in diet.

How adaptable is your body?

That’s what I want you to entertain.

That’s my new view and goal with health.

I want to decrease pain, increase aerobic capacity and range of motion. I want to be resilient.

When I was just lifting heavy weights, and eating my yogurt, protein pancakes, chicken and asparagus, I was not building an adaptable body, or adaptable health.

I just want y’all to live the life you TRULY WANT to live. This is not a practice round fam. This is the real deal. And you’re ____ years into it.

What picture of health do you desire for yourself and your life?

Take actions and make decisions based on THAT, my friend.

Be adaptable. Be kind to your body.

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Redefining health with Annie Miller of The FitsPRO Podcast

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