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February 2, 2021

102 | Insights From A One Month Podcast Hiatus

Helloooo and welcome back! You already know I am going to shamelessly ask you to leave a podcast review. It’s free info that can literally change your biz, training and life – hopefully for the better. So if you can, please head over to iTunes and give your girl 5 stars + a written review. It really does help more than you know. Much love either way. 

Whether you’re new here or not, I am coming back from a one month hiatus from The FitsPRO Podcast.

Ever since starting my biz, it was very appealing to me to take the holidays off. And the last two years (being 2019 and 2020) I was able to do that for the most part.

With that, myself and my assistant worked pretty freaking hard behind the scenes in October, November and into the beginning of December.

I needed a break. The hubs and I took an impromptu three week getaway – which proved to be even more needed than I knew. And something that brought be joy during that time was knowing I didn’t have to record any podcasts for January.

It’s important to understand that this sentence doesn’t mean the podcast is bad. Or I don’t like it. On the contrary.

I missed creating for the podcast this month. I’m a verbal processor and enjoy educating + giving actionable steps. Perhaps it’s true that the podcast was a source of energy and time drain in my life and biz. But that just goes to show that sometimes good things need a break. Sometimes we can or need to choose to let go of good things in order to create space. Or just REST. Right? Like not everything has to give us more space to create. Sometimes we can just say no to freaking say no. To do nothing. Or to play or have fun or do seemingly meaningless things. Which aren’t really meaningless because they’re serving a purpose. Or joy or rest, or fun.

Fact remains, I needed space and rest. And podcasts are on the bottom of the food chain when talking financials and revenue in my business.

So, what happened in the first month of 2021 with the 8 hours I cleared up via not podcasting?

That’s what today’s show is all about.

You see, my 2021 goals journal didn’t come until midway through the month. That matters for me.

I am a person who very much so relies on clarity, the vision and having a birds eye view of everything in my biz. I feel scattered and unproductive without this.

So for me, January was all about intention behind the scenes.

I reflected more on 2020 once my journal came.

I sat down and via a colleague in my “not a mastermind” as we call it, gave me some pretty foundational work to do in my biz.

Getting clear on:

The mission

The vision

The purpose

The company culture

What we deliver, our offers



Social missions and/or giving back

Protocols and more

This is the deep work of biz, if you will.

You’ll find, in life or in business, that we have phases of transformation. It’s like shedding a layer of skin. And I very much so feel this in my current stage of business. It sounds so…idk, woo woo. But I was and am in a stage of “becoming.”

And that requires space, intention and time.

And while the things I listed above, I know, to some extent. Some more concrete than others. It felt right to pull back into my cave, without distraction, and get into the nitty gritty.

These are not yet complete but are very important to me and are in the process for sure.

And thus, I have a word for 2021.

Side note – I don’t do words. I’ve actually posted on socials about the fact that I get more and will get more done than people who have a word for the year. Because I’m an action taker. I just do the things. No time for words.

But that’s not true. My point was that words in the absence of action are useless.

So, my mom shared her word for the year with me and it was like fireworks, and math equations and rainbows went off in my brain. Her word was EXACTLY what I’d been feeling.


I said this on the gram but imma read it to you here in case you missed it, since like 4 of you see my posts these days.

“At first the word detached can seem negative. But to detach can be to create space. To specify one thing from another. To let go.

All positive things.

I didn’t love 2020.

I learned a lot. As we often do through challenge and adversity.

In 2021 I have set far more clear and aggressive boundaries. Online, in my biz, with my intentions, how I operate, who and what I align my biz with.

I wish to detach.

🔸From social media

🔸My value from my biz

🔸Biz finance from personal

🔸My dependence on IG for audience growth (worked on this in 2020 but going HARD in 2021).

🔸Taking “off time” from biz to be TRULY off.

🔸To detach creativity from my biz (to set aside time to explore my creativity NOT tied to my biz).

🔸To detach the worlds expectation of me or my biz from what I know to be true.

🔸Detach friendships from social media to friendships IRL (loving this one so far).

These are detachments. They are boundaries and they create space. They are intentional and they are aligned.”


So, that’s what’s been going on behind the scenes here. Haha

  1. That’s not stopping, we’re not done. And…
  2. that’s not all.

Back to all the prep work I did in Oct and Nov for the New Year.

We launched FitsPRO Foundations as an evergreen course – meaning it is always open, no live launch open and close. And launched my brand new FREE on demand webinar, Your Biz Your Way: 3 Steps to Build a Profitable Online Health and Fitness Business.

Before January 3, I had all Instagram content from posts, to promo videos, to many trainings via Instagram stories done before we left for our mini getaway in December.

I believe I brought this up in one of my last podcast episodes of 2020, but one of my desires for 2021, via the word detach, is to really get ahead of the game when it comes to social media. There is an important distinction to make here. One which I enjoyed on levels I can’t explain in January.

That is the fact that I was actually on social media for less. It appears that I am on just as much as usual because the content frequency and volume didn’t change, but essentially I was creating everything off of the app ahead of time, and then just loading it into the app and walking away.

I guess I should specify, I’m talking about Instagram when I say social media or the app. Very sorry, I often use those interchangeably.

So in a sense, January was just a taste of the social media strategy I would like to implement into build in 2021. Which is a much more web like approach. Again, we discussed this in a previous episode. Where I will be taking one piece of content and making sure it gets to several different platforms so that I am not solely dependent on Instagram.

And I don’t remember if I just shared this on Instagram or the podcast as well, but in looking at my numbers for website traffic via Google analytics, 88% of my website traffic comes from Pinterest. Not Instagram.

This was a huge goal for me in 2020 but became undeniably clear when looking at the data that I need to be putting more of my efforts towards Pinterest and leveraging what it’s already doing for me.

I guess, all in all, 2021 is a year that requires me to turn in word and level up in a lot of different areas in order to do what I want to do and feel called to do in life and through my business.

And that requires less of my personal time spent on social media and interacting with strangers. And a lot more focused time on me, my clients, my audience and my people. This year is going to require a fair amount of systems, and strategy. And those both take time and energy to set up and implement.

I sell to my Fitspros that clarity is the biggest take away they will have from FitsPRO Foundations. And that’s because I believe the clarity drives action. More specifically, clarity drives aligned action. That is pretty much what I am always after in my business and my life.

Even if there were no specific takeaways from this little welcome back, here’s what happened in January episode, I hope that just hearing my process in what I’m doing behind the scenes is helpful to you in someway. Even if it is encouraging you to say no to some thing so that you can say yes to getting clear on your business, life, or goals in any capacity.

I’m very excited and straight up nervous for what comes out of 2021. Hopefully in a year from now (and this is scary to say to all of you, publicly) the Millers will have a house built on our 5 acres, we will have retirement and investing set up, Annie Miller Concepts LLC will have given tens of thousands of dollars to organizations that support young women of all ethnicities in being active, improving mental health or finding and building a career path for themselves, I will have a new program and offer to change the trajectory of online strength and fitness coaching, And we will add tens and or hundreds of humans to Built by Annie, and to FitsPRO Foundations.

OK, is anyone else nauseous, just me? Cool cool cool.

And perhaps this will actually be helpful. It’s 2020 taught us anything as a nation or on a global level, it is that we have to be willing to pivot and adapt. So I make all these plans with the understanding that something completely different could very well happen, but it is 0% a waste to sit down, get clear, and draw up these plans.

Nothing is wasted. So as much as is in my control, this is what I’m shooting for in our current year.

Thanks for coming along on the ride. Hi very much so enjoyed my little break from the podcast, but I hope that I can keep bringing you perspective, and actionable episodes for the remainder of 2021.

Insights from one month Podcast Hiatus with Annie Miller

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