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March 9, 2021

106 | 3 Mindset Shifts & Mantras for 2021

3 mindset shifts and mantras for 2021 with Annie Miller

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Now, let’s talk mindset.

I am not a mindset expert, psychologist or brain expert. I’m a mere human sharing personal experiences and anecdotes with you, in hopes that we can make some gains in life, business and fitness.

Here’s the deal. I’ve read the Bible, done extensive group counseling, listened to gurus like Tony Robbins, read books like Essentialism, the Big Leap, Atomic Habits and the 4 Hour Work Week. What they all seem to have in common is your mind, how in tune you are with your thoughts, and shifting them when needed to get where you want to go.

I claim nothing but my own thoughts and experiences, okay? So take this for whatever it’s worth.

Our current reality is our perception of something neutral. I could 500% be talking out my ass right now. But the point is that perspective is individual and that’s important to note when observing our thoughts and actions.

That brings me to mindset shifts and some tactics to ponder for more productivity and peace in 2021.

The three shifts and/or mantras are:

  • Permission to not
  • 3 weekly wins
  • Seek discomfort

First up – Permission to not. I’ve mentioned this previously from a business standpoint and how I am able to do all the things. I give myself permission to let things go at any time. I could stop blogging, or this podcast, or my daily dose or weekly wrap. I give out free content like it’s my full time job. And I don’t HAVE TO.

By giving myself permission to not, it takes off the false pressure of HAVING to do ALL these things, ALL of the time.

But this goes far beyond my little business example. 

You can give yourself permission to NOT say yes, when you really want to say no.

You can give yourself permission to NOT complete every lift this week, or to edit lifts to fit your time frame. Give yourself permission to NOT have an all or nothing mentality. To embrace the grey.

You see? Giving yourself permission to do less, or to NOT, opens up a new level of freedom and options.

Next up, the practice of: “3 weekly wins”

And the mantra of: “I have wins”

You can list more than three weekly wins if you like. But this is not gratitude. Yes, many of the brightest and likely healthiest minds in the world will tell you that gratitude is an imperative piece of true success. I certainly think so.

But these are WINS. If you’re a go getter or someone who is constantly on the move, this is SO IMPORTANT.

Many of you are your own hardest critic. You neglect celebrating what you’ve achieved because you’re either on to the next thing or you’re too busy being displeased with your current work or state.

But listen to me now, YOU HAVE WINS.

Choose a day of the week and celebrate those wins. Give them space and recognition. They deserve that. You deserve that.

Even on weeks where I feel I’ve done NOTHING, or was busy, yet didn’t actually get anything done, I am surprised to see I had at least three wins.

This shift takes you from feeling behind, like a slacker, or anxious to proud, gracious, and empowered to do the next thing, or make changes to your week ahead.

Maybe your wins are that you said no when you would have yes previously.

Or that you got all your lifts in.

Or that you implemented your bed time routine.

Or that all the kids are still breathing.

Or that you showed up everyday on social media.

They can be ANYTHING, in life biz or fitness. It’s not NOT a win just because it’s not directly related to one area. That’s not how life works.

With all of that, I have started saying, specifically when I am feeling overwhelmed, down, or questioning myself, “I have wins.” – And more often than not, this mantra brings wins to my mind – long term, short term, last week, the current week. Hopefully you see how that would work.

Okay, last mindset shift and one that I am currently embracing as of 2021…

Seek discomfort

I’ve spent the better part of the last 8-10 years building a comfortable life for myself.

I don’t have to wake up to an alarm, I’ve traveled the world, I’m building my literal dream home, I have future plans on the financial front to become even more stable. Not there yet, but it’s possible, and that’s the point. We don’t have health insurance or some other first world comforts, but we’re good.

Now, all of this could be taken in a heartbeat, which is the mindset I try to live in. “Write your plans in pencil, give God the eraser.” Saw that on a billboard when I was in elementary school and I’m not mad at it.

So, in building this life and counting my blessings, I have personally lost a spark. I desire to use grit, to be challenged, and to experience discomfort. To push.

I think humans inherently seek some level of stress, or discomfort. I think it’s natural. I have no science to back this up. I’m just saying.

Maybe it’s healthy, maybe it’s not. But it seems to make me better. So I’m running with it.

Discomfort to me spans the entire human experience. I am not talking self-destruction. Let’s make that clear. Discomfort in the form of emotional awareness, healing wounds, pushing yourself physically or mentally, taking on a new skill – whether it be public speaking, starting an instagram account, or taking an art class.

What are you comfortable doing? Great, do something else, or the same thing at a new level, where you’re NOT comfortable. Setting boundaries is a form of discomfort. If you’ve ever set them. You know that.

So, that’s my last mindset shift/practice. Seek discomfort. What is one area where you’ve fallen complacent or unaware and could step it up? OR what is something you’ve wanted try, but have held back because of discomfort, fear of failure or being rejected?

Seek discomfort. Whatever that looks like for you.

That’s it! We did it. Will you be incorporating any of these mindset shifts in your life?

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