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July 27, 2021

122 | Using Video to Grow Your Audience and Business

Instagram recently announced that they are a video-centric platform. Pinterest started allowing video and swipe-style graphics in 2020, and YouTube favors long videos cut into shorter segments. 

Video is the future, and we’ve known that for a few years now.

So, what does that mean for those looking to start or grow a biz in 2021?

You best get comfortable being on camera. Kidding, kind of.

I want to leave you with three thoughts and ideas if you’re starting or running an online business in 2021.

It’s never too late to start, but it also probably behooves you to start and learn NOW. So do listen to this episode with a sense of urgency. Okay? Timing is real, and I get that. Of course. But if you’ve wanted to start a biz, or even just creating free content, let’s go ahead and START.

A few things to note about video – there is not one way to do video. As you listen in, prep your brain to open to video. Now, there are some things you truly despise. I HATE SALES CALLS. I hate hosting them. And I hate being a customer. I would so rather read a sales page, and just purchase something on my own.

This hatred is not rooted in being bad at or insecure in a process with which I am unfamiliar. That’s the difference I want you to explore if the idea of video doesn’t spark a joyful light in your soul. 

So ask if it’s that you ACTUALLY hate the process of creating video-based content, or if it’s because you don’t know how, think you’re bad at it, lack confidence or any other reason.

Let’s begin.

Question one:


First off, video is more captivating than a still photo. It’s just a thing. And in an online world where people are more stimulated than ever, catching someone’s attention is what we’re after. Video can help us do that.

Video has movement, and movement draws us in when compared to a still photo or graphic. Would you agree? I have no study to back this. So, take it for what it’s worth.

We’ll get into types of video you can use because there are ENDLESS options and I hope to give you some ideas, but for now, how have I seen video positively impact my biz?

Video has the potential to expedite trust, and knowability of a brand. It CAN be more intimate than other types of content. Again, we’re talking about potential. Not a guarantee. The content has to be good, and aligned with your audience to do anything. But when compared to still content, video can lead to quicker connection I believe. I certainly feel like I “know” or want to engage with those who I see in their IG stories than those accounts who I don’t. Maybe that’s completely off, but it’s just a small example.



In short. No, you don’t have to do anything. BUT in speaking with some very established humans who have far more knowledge about business growth and the future of the online space than I do…I encourage you to explore how video can work for your biz.

You do not have to use video to grow your business. The other options still exist – podcasts, and written form content, photos and graphics, etc. I follow plenty of people who have not created a single piece of video content on instagram. BUT, I’ll also point out that these accounts have already built a substantial following and growth is likely not their main goal. I could be wrong, however. 

Ultimately, at any stage of business, you need to be able to prioritize. Yes? To venture into video? Or not quite yet? Keep listening, and trust your gut as feelings come up!

What platforms are you looking to grow your audience and brand on?






Of course, Youtube is video-centric. Same with TikTok. Pinterest, IG and Facebook are heading in that direction. BUT, there is ALWAYS context.

I want people to think about the simplest way they can use video on a platform. And that brings us to the next question/point

You know me, I can’t be asking one single question…so I actually have three to consider within the “second” question.


Starting with the last one – Think about IG and Pinterest for instance. Video on instagram can simply be in your IG stories. Yeah? And you can take a story string, save it and upload it to pinterest. Simple. You’re using content you already created on one platform and uploading it to another platform. And you didn’t even have to make a reel. Though the same concept works for reels.

Keep in mind video doesn’t HAVE to be YOUR FACE. You can simply show a video of something and walk your audience through it. Like a voice over. Though I do encourage you, showing your face and speaking to the camera. This is far more personal.

What are some simple ways you can use video? Allow me to share some of my thoughts on instagram favoring video as well as carousel posts. You know those old school swipe workouts everyone used to talk shit about? Well. They are a fabulous way to leverage video without talking on camera, and using the carousel feature. Win-win if you ask me.

Just make sure they’re quality video and provide value to your audience.

Were you on IG when boomerangs just came out? Yes, a boomerang is a video. Take a boomerang in your story, save it, and post it as a single post. Viola – video. 

I use these examples to get you to THINK SMALL. Yes, I want you to think small. To keep it as simple as possible. So that you can actually implement video, and then grow as you enjoy the creative process. Just like someone lifting for the first time. You can’t just go for a 200lb squat on day one. We’ve got to make the process digestible, and the client feel successful. Then we can build the basics and scale. Same same for using video in your biz.

In your creative process, think about what type of content you like to create, and how that can translate to video.

For instance, if you love text, have you thought about just have a text-based video? I used a promo like this for my free workshop and it performed great! I made some text slides in canva, and saved them as an MP4 video. No voice or face even required!

Often we limit ourselves by not thinking outside the box. I want you to think outside the box. The only limit is your own willingness and creativity.

How can you use video to show a recipe, meal prep, macro education, lifting, how you choose exercises, core or breathing, the difference between two things or topics? 

Ask how video can fit into your content. Give it a go. Nothing is wasted. NOTHING IS WASTED. That’s something I had to repeat to myself quite often throughout business. There’s always something to be learned and gained.

A note I’ll also make about video in general is to keep it short. Most people are watching short form video, not long tutorials. Both are valuable and ultimately you need to do what makes sense for you and your business. But do attempt to be concise and use short transitions or edits.

Now let’s talk creation process.


A big part of video that can be off-putting or paralyzing is thinking you need fancy or high end equipment. Negative. I am here to give you permission to create video directly on your phone.

How can you make iPhone or mobile phone video as high quality as possible? A few simple things.

Light is king. Better yet, natural light is king. It cannot be beat. Find a window and use natural light.

If you’re videoing yourself, find a blank backdrop. I just use a wall. Always have. 

Once you buy a ring light, you’ll wonder how you ever created content without one. You can get them for as cheap as $40 on amazon I believe. Just know that light will take your content the next level.

If you need to video things in a room or gym, light and cleanliness is still king. Move excess shit to the corner or side. Behind ever clean video is a room full of stuff shoved in the corner. Okay?

That’s it. Video is 100% the future. Maybe you can go without it. I can’t say. But I will encourage you to explore it now, and how you can make it work in your biz. Especially on the content creation front.

If you find value here, on The FitsPRO Podcast, then pretty please head over to iTunes, subscribe, rate and review the show. It means the world to me when you spread my message to more humans.

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