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January 11, 2022

137 | 2021 Review & 2022 Planning

2021 review and 2022 planning with Annie Miller

I mentioned the other day on the ‘gram that I am a doer. I tend to see gaps, and fill them, need something and create it, have an idea and begin exploring ways to execute said idea. But I was not always like that. Not entirely. Entrepreneurship has taught me this. To act without hesitation and figure it out along the way. But to always entertain the possibility. Because why not? What’s the worst that can happen?

I bring this up because if 2021 was anything, it was a year of trial and error.

I knew that going in, but boy did it play out that way. This 12 month season of trial and error meant less control and predictability than I like in my life, quite frankly.

So, let’s go ahead and get to it.

First off…

In episode 100 I reviewed my 2020 and in episode 101 I shared my personal and business goals for 2021 – If you didn’t listen to those, check them out.

But for a short recap my 2021 goals were:


  • Stop work at 6pm
  • More consistent lifting
  • Investing/Retirement
  • Have house built


  • Create PRO cramming course
  • NO fitsPRO Launches (constant push through free webinar)
  • BBA goal that I have had since the remake in 2018
  • Social media and sales strategy refinement

Today, I’m breaking those down and sharing my plans for 2022.

These are going to me mixed rather than personal and then business because this year was one that had life and business affecting one another like never before. Or so it felt.

I am a big advocate of life and business working in tandem. One serves the other. One undoubtedly effects the other. So we must consider both, simultaneously.

Jan 2021 was the launch of my Free Workshop Your Biz Your Way, 3 Steps to Build a Profitable Online Health and Fitness Business. I am proud to say that over 1,000 humans have taken the workshop, and over 100 FitsPRO’s joined FitsPRO Foundations via the workshop.

If you recall – the goal was no live launches of FitsPRO – to simply try the evergreen approach and see how it went. Then make decisions as needed.

Gold star for that one!

On the personal front, gyms were shut down again here and I was very excited that Nate and I made the decision to go ahead and buy a home gym set up. But in Jan we didn’t have it yet.

By February I was finally able to start lifting consistently again. I was weak, and in pain but so joyous at the same time.

Feb and March were extensions of Jan but our living situation was wearing on my productivity and some of the professional and personal goals I had.

I’ve mentioned many times before the blessing it was to live with my mother for 9 months longer than originally planned. But I can’t deny the effect I allowed it to have on my day to day routine, or lack thereof.

More context: In March, I was still waiting to see how my evergreen approach to FitsPRO was going to play out – only time would tell. In addition to this waiting game, we were also waiting on information post filing taxes to see if we qualified for the loan we needed to build on our five acres.

This waiting game with the loan also put my retirement and investment goals on hold for obvious reasons.

I mentioned this on IG but our little 3.5 week escape to Mexico was our pivotal moment.

For one, I reached my numerical goal for BBA members – which meant more to me than most milestones. Again – because the number was Nate and my “what if I could just” number we dreamt up in 2018 when we were in Santiago, Chile at the start of our world travels.

A huge motivator for going to Mexico was for me to make progress on the creation of my Pure PROgramming course. That didn’t happen until the flight home – which was pivotal nonetheless.

It was also in Mexico that we received information regarding construction cost and loan information. We’d be postponing our build…again. Which led to the next pivotal decision…finding a rental so that we could have our own space until we build.

That was a massive decision considering saving to build and the skyrocketing rent prices where we live. But ultimately it was needed.

We applied and were accepted for a house while still in Mexico – we moved in one week after returning home.

It was May 31st at this point.

Now we’re in June and having my own space was apparently needed for every single 2021 goal I had.

In about one month, I was stopping work at 6pm, working 80% only in my office, back on my social media game and able to lift consistently.

As far as goals go, I felt much more “balanced” on social media – which to me, means more business and less personal. Still relatable, but less of my personal life. That was a huge shift for me that I felt was necessary for the long haul of my business.

That goal will continue even more into 2022.

Pinterest quite frankly was put on the back burner with the creation of the Pure PROgramming which literally consumed my life from May to Dec 2021.

And obviously our house is not built but the loan is closed and we broke ground in Nov, and started framing in Jan – So both of these goals (the house build and pinterest), along with investing carry over to 2022. I am happy to report that we have a meeting set up for this Wednesday regarding finances. Which feels amazing.

While 2021 was a year of trial and error – being at the mercy of outside factors, and awaiting information to make decisions…2022 is looking much more calculated. Which you know I love.

2022 Focus/Goals

Personal goals include:

Completing our house build

Continuing my work schedule of being done by 6pm or dinner time. I actually am now super annoyed if something pressing pulls me back into work after I am done. This is not often, thankfully.

I also look back on 2021 and don’t see enough adventure – we have a car that is not safe driving for road trips, and obviously travel with the panorama is not possible, not the way we like to travel anyway. So I am committed to some form of adventure at least three times this year.

On the finance front, I also just set it to where a monthly % comes out for donations vs donating on a quarterly basis.

Read more – just ordered 11 books

Hit some of my old numbers on the lifting front. Namely for back squat, bench press and pull ups.

On the business side:

Social Media & Content: 

  • Taking Fri and Sat off of social media – BLESS IT.
  • Creating “search” based content – as mentioned for 2021 (thinking about content for blog and podcast vs IG).
  • Never skipping a podcast, rather taking breaks from posting on IG if I need space. Podcast is clearly more beneficial so it becomes priority. I can also just not post but remain in my stories. So my presence is not void.

Products & Launching

  • Continuing to work a certain sales strategy behind the scenes that I am still not ready to reveal to all of you humans. Once I bring it full circle, I will 100% be sharing my experience since Sept 2021 to now (or whenever that is).
  • Refining old offers
  • Enjoying a year of running my biz and optimizing the back end

Fave moments of 2021 were seeing my Daily Dose email thrive, visiting friends in Mexico and exploring new towns like Oaxaca, having one of the top three meals we’ve ever had in Oaxaca, straight up seeing my monthly average income, having an office for the first time ever, daily walks with Nate – the small things. And that was really important for me in my reflections. It’s okay if you had a year of small blessings. It’s okay if your joy was finding a certain podcast, or reading a book, or walking more. These things are to be celebrated in my opinion.

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