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September 27, 2022

170 | 9 Mindset Shifts For Successful Entrepreneurs

170 | 9 Mindset Shifts For Successful Entrepreneurs with Annie Miller

Today we’re covering 9 mindset shifts for entrepreneurs:

These are questions, ideas and maybe ways to challenge your current mindset as an entrepreneur.

  • Just because someone else does it or doesn’t do it, doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t do it.

I follow a VERY successful fitness business owner. World known, who still edits his own podcasts and content. He doesn’t have a team outside of coaches and a marketing manager that I know of.

I know another female colleague who is similar. Still edits and uploads all her own content. Still writes all the programming, still works with clients etc.

These examples hit home with me personally because I am that entrepreneur who really is and has been EVERY possible role in her business. And I enjoy doing a lot of aspects that someone else could technically do. I am not the best video editor or podcast editor but I have learned these skills and take pride in doing them. Now, that can change as priorities change. I have the time to do these things now. In the future perhaps I pay someone do them. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve looked up podcast managers and the price just isn’t worth it to me right now.

Point being, I’ve had mentors tell me to outsource things, but I don’t. I tend to trust my gut and feel pretty aware of how I spend my time in my business. As well as where profits come from.

On the flip side, if you see someone taking an approach to an area of their business and a little voice in your head says “you should be doing that too,” I encourage you to question that.

Maybe it makes sense for you, maybe it doesn’t. It’s very important you figure out the motive behind that feeling.

I am 100% for seeing something and saying “hmmm how could that apply or work for me?” All for it. But if it’s coming from a place of thinking you’re behind, or missing out, pump the breaks and find the truth. Might just need to smack on your blinders and get back to your own mission.

That leads well into the next mindset shift

  • You’re not behind

I am not one for toxic positivity. Though, I do think perspective matters and can change the actions we take, especially as business owners.

In the online space we are surrounded by highlight reels that very easily breed comparison. But fact is, you’re not behind. It really is that simple. Your path is not Susan’s path. If you start today, or keep going today, you’re right where you’re supposed to be in YOUR journey. Because it’s YOURS. Not Susan’s. I would push into WHY the feeling of “I’m behind” is coming from. Where is the gap that is allowing that narrative to seep in?

  • You have what you need to start

One of the biggest lies entrepreneurs believe is that they need “x” in order to start and/or be successful and more often than not it’s just an excuse to stay put.

You’ll only ever make progress by using what you have to do what you can. There is literally always room for growth. So, just start, and keep going. Think of how you can do your best in this season. My first videos were made on an underwater camera we had. I debated making my first podcast episodes via voice memos on my phone. But ended up buying a $63 mic I could travel with. No fancy pants needed. Value is not determined by things. You can provide value and build your portfolio NOW. 

I feel very passionately about this because I really do see it as an excuse. I believe everyone has options, and its more about whether one is willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to start. Everyone has different privelages and options but most everyone DOES have a way to start – certainly in the western world.

So, entertain that you have what you need now to begin.

  • The early days are the time to fail – you have the least to lose and most to gain

I’ve talked about this before but it makes sense. You have the least experience when you’re beginning. So you have the least amount of confidence AND the least amount of clarity. Therefore it takes a more courage to step up and share your message or offer with people.

But in the same breath you’re sharing with the least amount of people you’re ever going to share with! So might as well use this time to refine, figure out what works, and what doesn’t. You’ve got the least to lose and most to gain.

  • Hiccups are part of the process

I try to teach all my Fitspros and business clients to expect mistakes! We are mere humans running businesses. We will send the wrong link, have typos, forget to do things.

Expect these things to happen so that when they do, you can more easily roll with the punches. By all means attempt to check your work, and predict potential issues. But also know that between human error and technological issues, shit will go sideways at some point. Not the end of the world. Embracing the hiccups is a mindset shift that will help you.

Resend the link, say oops, correct the typos or let them slide.

  • Don’t marry your high or low months – neither define you or your success as a coach

A massive part of the ride that is the entrepreneurial roller coaster is revenue month to month.

One of my biz clients just had her lowest and her highest months back to back. Another one of my fitsPRO’s just had her highest month yet and it brought on the most money mindset spirals she’s had.

We are in the business of variable income. The earlier we can learn to separate our emotion from revenue, the better. Just like an athlete doesn’t marry their wins or losses, it’s unwise to marry your highest or lowest months.

They will happen. That’s guaranteed. You WILL have a lost month. And a highest month. And ideally that threshold increases across the board.  The more grounded you can be, the better. 

  • Ask yourself, what is the smallest, simplest task?

This is kind of back to “you have what you need to start.” But applies at all stages of business. If something feels overwhelming or too big for you, take a step back and rack your brain for the simplest task. What can you do right now? Do a google? Maybe it’s literally research, asking a friend. That’s a step!

How can this work? 

  • This is super broad and I first heard this slightly different from Marie Forleo, the creator of B school. Her premise was, instead of writing something off as “not for you,” instead ask how might this work for me? You might decide it’s not for you, but it’s worth putting on the table for consideration.

Being okay with being in the figuring it out process

  • No one knows what they’re doing. The successful people are the ones who were willing to just figure shit along the way. To be a newb. To play a million roles in their biz. To know there ARE options and ways this can work. It can be messy. And just because it’s messy doesn’t mean it’s not working.

Which of these mindset shifts spoke to you? One of them? All of them? Let me know in the comments below.

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