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April 25, 2023

200 | 10 Popular Fitness Questions Answered

With over 200,000 downloads and two years under our belts, we celebrate episode 200 by answering 10 of the most popular fitness questions of all time.

Below is the cliff notes version but it is VERY important you tune in for the whys, nuance and context behind these answers.

And now, the 10 fitness questions:

1. Is working with body weight or dumbbells comparable to a full gym when looking build muscle or strength?

At some point you’ll reach limits with body weight and dumbbells. The options that a full gym brings to the table are simply above that which can be done with dumbbells and body weight. Or the ease with which gains can be made. They do not compare.

2. Should I increase volume or load first? Does it matter?

I am biased towards increasing volume/capacity, then adding load. But it depends.

3. Is being sore a solid indicator of hypertrophy?

Soreness is a sign of POTENTIAL for the adaptation of hypertrophy to take place. NOT a needed indicator.

4. What to do if you’re sick – skip the workout? Or push through?

The question is moreso to skip and rest, or go through the motions at 50-70% like a deload week in order to move the body but not tax it further.

5. How do you deal with working out postpartum and being sleep deprived? Isn’t that counterintuitive?

The pros outweigh the cons. And I adjust intensity as needed. It’s important that we provide context when discussing workouts postpartum.

6. Is a movement like bird dogs better for core stability than an ab roller?

No. These are simply two different exercises and an ab roller is far more challenging than a bird dog.

7. Is a heart rate monitor needed for improving cardio vascular health?

Not NECESSARY but certainly nice to have and can make training easier and more intentional.

8. Cardio before or after lifting?

Whichever is more important to your training goals, prioritize that first.

9. Best cardio for cardiovascular health?

In short, do what you enjoy. There is no single form of cardio that will yeild the best cardiovascular adaption.

10. Thoughts on cycle synching?

  • Research does not support the need for this IF a period is healthy
  • No significant differences in strength and force output or capacity in different phases of cycle
  • You may FEEL subjectively different. But trust that your body more likely than not can hit normal performance measures

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