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June 26, 2017



Welcome to part 2 of this three part series my friend.

Todays take away: Hindsight is 20/20, reflect and find the good in shitty situations.

When we left off, I had a busted window, no camera and no phone.  If you missed part 1, check out my previous post. 

All in all, Zion and Bryce canyon were UH-MAZING.  We used my phone for the remainder of the photos. 

June 11th 5:00 am

On our way to Yellowstone we stopped by Verizon for Nate’s phone. They informed us we would need to take it to a cell phone repair shop when we got home…so much for that. 

Our second stop was Best Buy for a new camera ($318.00).  We had now spent over $668.00 on the window repair and camera.  But hey, our window was fixed – holler at amazing insurance – and we replaced the camera. #winning.

We tackled Yellowstone in two days and it was magnificent.

Off to our last stop, Glacier National Part.  WHOLY HEAVEN. 

At this point, our debit cards had been blocked and we needed to make some phone calls about a few bills. While we were at it, Nathanael says to me, “we should just call the insurance and get renters insurance.”  I hated that idea. I don’t like to work or deal with real life on vacation.

Knowing he was right, we called and added renter’s insurance to our policy. To our surprise it actually lowered the price. #success.

With our debit cards unblocked, bills taken care of, our awesome new camera, our fixed window, and spirits slightly lifted, we took in every second of Glacier’s beauty.  It was flawless.  We biked Going-to-the-sun-road COMPLETELY ALONE. No people. No cars. It was the perfect end to our trip.

June 16th 6:00 am

We pack up and head home.  As we reached the Gorge {1.5 hours from home} we get a call from our landlord…”Your house has flood” she said….

I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD. Nate looked at me like I had lost my mind.

You know why I laughed out loud?   Hell yeah, we had renter’s insurance.  Our policy was activated just 48 hours before my landlord filed the claim.  I still laugh thinking about it. 

You remember why we got the insurance in the first place right?  Because our car got broken into in San Fran 10 days prior.  BLESSING. IN. DISGUISE.

No denying it. 

We took Nate’s phone to a repair shop immediately, then headed to the house.  Yup. Pipe burst in the bathroom, flooded half the upstairs and was torrential down-pouring into our finished basement. Ceiling caving in and all… EVERYTHING was ruined. 

Meanwhile, I am smiling. Why? Because they fixed Nate’s phone COMPLETELY – photos recovered and all – and our renter’s insurance policy had been confirmed.  I hope you can imagine how amazing that felt.  It could have absolutely been worse.

June 16th 7:00 pm.

We find a hotel and remain there for 2.5 months until our house is done.  Road trip from hell straight to living in a hotel…

Take away?

Remember those 3 unfortunate times we reflected on two weeks ago?

Again if you missed it, check out my last post.

Now I want you to look at those reflections and LIST ANY GOOD that came as a result, anything you learned, the silver lining, maybe a blessing in disguise. 

It is so funny how small our perspective can be sometimes.  Hindsight is 20/20 right?

Get after your reflections and I’ll see you in the final part of this 3 part series!

Have grace for yourself & LET’S DO THIS!

P.S. I want to know what you have pulled from unfortunate situations, comment below! Or tag a friend who needs to read this. 

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