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March 6, 2017


Meat and cheese platters are my absolute FAV at a bomb Italian restaurant. REAL high in fat...

We all know nutrition is a big deal in the world of health and fitness.

A common question I get asked is “do you use cheat days?”

My answer is complicated. Stick with me.

I don’t label a certain day a “cheat day” and I HATE that term. You’re not cheating on anything. And if you are, you should stop. Jk, do you girl.

I tell most of my clients that I simply live in the 80/20. 80% clean and macro conscious, 20% what I call “soul food.” Those foods (divine croissant with homemade jam from Petite Province) or beverages (beer and wine) that might not be amazing for you, but really allow you to experience delicious ingredients in moderation.

NOW, there is something EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to keep in mind here.  I have mentioned it before…


I’m in fact typically trying to keep weight on.

So while 80/20 works for my maintenance, that doesn’t mean it will work for your weight loss desires.

If you are really looking to hone in on your nutrition, learn about clean carb, protein, and fat options and get some info on this whole macronutrient business, you need to get in contact with services like Working Against Gravity or RP strength.

All in all I do not use “cheat days.”  I suppose you could call them “soul meals.”

Basically my husband and I LOVE good food.  I am talking – high quality, make your mouth water, flavors paired in heaven, tell all your friends – good food.


Fact of the matter is that these foods may have more sugar or fat or carbs than I choose to normally eat, but that’s okay because they are foods which provide an experience for my little soul.

Do what works for you.  Cheat day or counting macros, intuitive eating, whatever.  Use trial and error. Just because I don’t roll with cheat days doesn’t mean you can’t!

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