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March 20, 2017


Ever feel like you’re giving it your all?

Like you’re doing everything you can? But it’s not working out?

I’ve got a little exercise I learned in group counseling years ago. I use it to this day.  The more you implement into your life, the easier it becomes.

  • Write down the top five places your money goes and top five places your time goes.
  • Then write down your health and fitness goal – or any goal you are trying to reach.

The five places your money and time are going…THOSE ARE YOUR CURRENT PRIORITIES. Whether you want them to be or not, that’s where you are currently putting all your cards.

SO, do they align with your goal?  If they do, awesome, this exercise doesn’t apply to you – get it girl. IF YOUR CURRENT PRIORITIES DON’T ALIGN WITH YOUR GOAL, SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.

Your time and money either need to shift, or your goal needs to be more realistic. 

After you have your money & time lists, and your goal, make a list of the top five places your money needs to go and top five places your time needs to go in order to reach that goal. These don’t have to be completely different than your first set of lists.  It may just mean you re-order your current list. Maybe the gym is your number five and needs to be number three. Maybe facebook is on your list and shouldn’t be at all…YOU FEEL ME?  BE REAL WICHA-SELF!

Make sense?

The aim here is to BE REAL. What is your goal and are you prioritizing appropriately to reach that goal? Again, if your list and goal don’t play well together, revise your goal, OR…reorder those priorities so that you can experience the success you are capable of my dear!

Have grace for yourself & LET’S DO THIS!

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P.S. Tell all your lady friends about this exercise. Lawd knows we’ve all got goals and need some guidance. 

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