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April 20, 2017


Everything in this post is referring to the 16 oz grande Unicorn Frappuccino exactly how Starbucks baristas will make it if you do not ask for any changes – whole milk + whip.

“The Unicorn Frappuchino will add Magic to your day” – FALSE.

TRUTH – The Unicorn Frappuccino will add well over half your DAILY serving of sugar (59g) + saturated fat (10g) – which is a generous allotment & is too high to begin with + is based on a 2,000 calorie diet.  If you know anything about macronutrients and daily allowances for sugar, you probably did not take part in the consumption of this beverage. #goteam

Not to mention this “magical” frappuccino does NOT even contain caffeine, preventing it from being magical on ANY level {personal bias}.

Now, the purpose of this post is NOT to hate on the Unicorn Frappuccino, it is to hate on MOST Starbucks’ frappuccinos + the lack of knowledge around calories, and nutrient dense foods in America.

I would like to point out that the Unicorn Frappuccino is no unhealthier than many of Starbucks’ other “foofoo drinks” as I call them.

And let’s not limit my hatred to Starbucks alone. They are not the only coffee franchise selling creatively named, sugar packed, nutrient lacking, calorie dense, unhealthy beverages…We must give credit where credit is due…Dutch Bro’s may in fact have Starbucks beat in this realm.

Back to the frappuccinos: I’ve laid out a few comparisons for your gag reflexes below:

As pictured above: UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO – CARMEL FRAPPUCCINO, WHITE CHOCOLATE (all 16oz as served unless otherwise requested – from Starbucks’ website)

At least you get some caffeine with the others…just sayin’.

When I saw the hype behind the drink, I was slightly enraged…WHY IS THE FOOD INDUSTRY OF AMERICA PRO OBESITY?!?!?!

You don’t create a flippin’ Unicorn sugar bomb of a fat beverage, call it magical and NOT support the obesity epidemic on some level…{sister please}

If you want to drink 410 calories of Sugar and Fat, you go glen co-co, I just ask that you educate yourself before consumption. I purposely took a trip to my local Starbucks yesterday to ruin the barista’s life and add ONE more Unicorn Frappuccino to her record.  I’m sure she thoroughly enjoyed making an un-Godly number of these {we pray for her}.

As I stood in line…awaiting the embarrassment of ordering my magical beverage, I also decided to snag a protein box, a Siggi’s 0% fat Icelandic Greek Yogurt – my personal favorite brand, + an iced green tea with NO sweetener.

Below you will find photos of my snack (protein box + yogurt + unsweetened tea) and the nutritional breakdown of this snack.

The breakdown: Yogurt + Protein Box (unsweeted green tea not included).

Calories: 120 + 370 = 490kcal

Carbs: 12 + 37 = 49g

Fat: 0+ 19 = 19g

Sat Fat: 0 + 6 = 6g

Sugar: 9 + 18 = 27g

NOTE* I only ate one of the cheese wedges and did not use all of the peanut butter.  (Fat source: peanut butter, cheese and the egg)

This combination is obviously more calories than the unicorn beverage, but guess what my friend.


High consumptions of sugar and saturated fat do that…

You feel where I am going with this?

There is an extreme disconnect in America, especially with the youth, in regards to fueling our bodies.

A calorie is not a calorie! The photos + comparisons prove that.

People have got to look at the macronutrients – carbs, protein, and fat – and know not only HOW to read a food label, but what that information means for THEIR BODIES and HEALTH.

In the case of the Unicorn Frappuccino or any drink other than a simple latte or coffee, you are “drinking your calories” rather than eating them.  You’re consuming a HIGH calorie beverage over HIGH nutrient dense foods. I want people to have KNOWLEDGE – SIMPLE KNOWLEDGE about sugar and basic nutrition DONE RIGHT. I don’t think one size fits all. But I do know that people are uninformed and maybe a little ignorant when it comes to nutrition. {I promise I speak with love}.

Lastly, I thank the Unicorn Frappuccino for giving me the opportunity to spread some light + education around how we fuel our bodies.

If you found this helpful or feel that you belong in my tribe, you can join here!


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