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May 1, 2017

Are Abs Really Made in the Kitchen?


Oh my gosh YES.  If I am being completely honest, I am not a huge fan of this fact but I cannot deny it. {cry face}

Nutrition is THE BOSS when it comes to abs.

I love this old graphic (above)…I found it years ago and it hurt my soul a little bit because I know how true it is.

I’d love to say different, but I cannot preach against it. While exercise is SO IMPORTANT on so many levels, if you’re looking for physical results, look at your fuel source. What are you putting in your pie hole?

30% WORKOUT-  70% DIET (or nutrition)

I could stand to push for a slightly more balanced percentage but nutrition is the larger portion no matter how you roll it out.

On the subject of abs, below are two photos of me before and after my 20 Day Challenges (old program I used to run).  Even me, a fit, strong 20-something your old can be effected by proper nutritional intake and timing.

Yes, I have abs in both.  It is harder to make changes to a body which is already in shape, but that is my point here!  I am flexing in both photos as hard as I can {slightly embarrassing}. For 20 days I did not alter my training at all.  Only my nutrition.

It is CRAZY what food can do to our bodies for better or worse.

If you have ever felt like you are putting in all the work, training your butt off, but not seeing the results, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

It more likely than not is in your fuel source my friend.  Check-it-y check out your nutrition.

You want abs? Less cellulite? A smaller waist? To have more energy? A clearer mind? To not crave all the carbs as night?  I am with you girlfran.

That’s why I’ve given you a list of things below to implement TODAY.


Give those a go and be consistent. They WILL make a difference. Sugar is a big one. As is getting enough sleep, water and protein. Keep it simple sister.

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