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August 1, 2023

214 | Recap From One Month Back On Instagram

214 | Recap From One Month Back On Instagram with Annie Miller

In case you missed it, I took eight weeks off Instagram in May and June.

Check out that podcast on Youtube behind the scenes.

I took 50% rev cut for the eight weeks I was off Instagram – This decision was still very much so needed.

  • Came from lack of exposure
  • Lack of plugging offers in stories
  • No active launching at that time.

Thus, I made more than May and June combined in July (back on + launching PP).

My new approach:

  • Youtube reels for education and driving to YT, sparking curiosity
  • Swipe graphics – either stream of consciousness or statements
  • Off the cuff FTC reels if I make them OR
  • Video from phone or professional B roll with Text over the top – statement, question, prompt, philosophy, tips. Whatever makes sense

Posting twice a day for 4 days per week:

  • High frequency and volume = more potential for growth.

In the 30 days I’ve been back on Instagram:

  • Gained 1,433 followers
  • Lost 459
  • Net gain 974

So almost up net 1,000 followers. That data was not a full month so I assume I’ll hit 1,000 new news by a full 30 days.

That image will be in the show notes as well.

To be clear that came from posting twice per day for a month since being back – but ONLY four days per week.

Some posts flop, far fewer took off, but they DID take off. And that brought in the new humans. This is what high frequency and volume posting does. Period.

More chances to be seen. More opportunity for growth. It is that simple.

Now, we can’t post trash and grow. But we also can’t FULLY predict what will and won’t catch traction. I know what posts have viral potential for my own brand. Sometimes I am right, sometimes it doesn’t work out.

But the more you post, the less connected you are to how each individual post does.

For instance one of my biz clients (which I just ended with this month went from 5-6k to 14k in our time together). Not from some strategy of mine. But because she posted daily, every day and sometimes twice a day. AND she got CLEAR AF on what content she would create. Let me make so clear that she RARELY if ever makes reels. Her post popular posts are swipe graphics so that’s what she optimized.

I am spending less time than ever on the app.

That’s the other plus:

  • More creation = more time in my brand messaging and philosophy and less time consuming. I just don’t get much from the consumption in this season.
  • I check stories of friends and that’s about it.
  • Having the reels cut from YouTube = HELLLLLAAAAAA less work for me (which again, I am PAYING FOR). There is always a trade off.
  • Using the captions app or IG captions. I caved. I made the decision to just use captions app if I have a FTC video and need captions. I do not have time and it’s not WORTH my time to type out on brand captions in Final Cut Pro for a piece of content that dies in 24 hours. It just doesn’t make sense.

Future plans

  • Same same.
  • At least two weeks before any launch I will post twice per week for 4 days per week.
  • Still take my 48 hours off
  • Use YT for two reels per week
  • Lean into carousel posts

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